Barbershops have been our cornerstone of the Black community; a place to socialize and communicate trends and discuss opinions on current events. Similar to nail techs and hairdressers, talking to your barber can seem like a therapy session.

That’s why BLAC recognized these ten unique Black-owned barbershops in metro Detroit, where you can feel welcomed and at home— and of course, get cleaned up or a masterful sharp cut.

1. Heavy Weights Cuts, 8008 Kercheval, Detroit, MI

5. Detroit Juice Bar, 18325 McNichols, Detroit, MI

7. Authentic Barbershop, 20344 W. 7 Mile Road, Detroit, MI

8. Ambitionz Barbershop, 19114 West McNichols, Detroit, MI

10. Cuts by Rich the Barber, Detroit,MI

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