Black-Owned Cozie Fabric Softener Sheets Hits 20+ Metro Detroit Stores

You see those everyday products in your convenience stores but did you know they were distributed by a Black-owned company?

Connie Brooks CEO and Founder of Image Merchandise
Connie Brooks CEO and Founder of Image Merchandise

There are everyday products that we use like Fabric Softener Sheets and disposable gloves that are sold by Black-owned businesses. Connie Brooks, founder and CEO of Image Merchandise, a Detroit-based maker of Cozie Fabric Softener and Surefitt Disposable Gloves; knows the importance of having black-owned products in convenience stores and accessible to Detroit everywhere Detroit lives.

Black-Owned Cozie Fabric Softener Sheets Hits 20+

Learned to Run a Business

As the tenth child in her family, Brooks attended the Detroit Public School and was encouraged to start and grow her own Black family. Brooks entrepreneurial fire was lit after attending Arthur Cartwright Sr.’s workshop at Global Empowerment Ministeries where she was able to learn the basics about owning and operating a business.

“They taught me how to become entrepreneur, learning everything about business, and all for free; from owning their own products, becoming certified with the government, filling out grants, and even learning how to get their products in multimillion dollar stores,” says Brooks. “It is through that wealth building, that he has gotten over 400 blacks’ entrepreneur into major retail stores such as, Target, Meijer’s, Walmart, Whole Foods Market, Neiman Marcus, and so many more.” 


Image Merchandise was founded in 2019 as a professional distribution company of products that included softener sheets, gloves and bluetooth devices. Three years later, the brand has over ten products in over 20+ stores inside metro Detroit.


Two of her biggest sellers are, Cozie – Fabric Softener Sheets and Surefitt – Disposable Rubber.  This year, her goals are matched only by her resilience as she aspires to reach more retailers and connect with more store owners.

Connie Brooks, CEO & Owner of Cozie Fabric Softener Sheets

“I want to create enough opportunities and wealth so that one day we are able to open our own manufacturing building, and hire young Black and brown men from the ages 19 to 35 (in the inner city of Detroit),” says Brooks. “By doing this I can help reduce crime and keep a percentage of unemployed, employed with medical coverage.”

Starting and running a business that’s helping to uplift our community sounds a business that needs our support. Detroit, let’s help Cozie to be in 50+ stores Detroit.

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