Vocalist Justine Skye recently announces that she was launching a line in partnership with Parfait, a new Black-owned brand known for creating artificially intelligent wigs — entering a $13 billion industry. Skye’s new line includes a 14-inch blonde wavy wig, a 30-inch silky jet black wig, a short and chic jet black bob, and her signature dark root hair with purple hues.

According to TechCrunch, “The wig industry aimed at women of color has an estimated market in the neighborhood of $13 billion.” Parfait uses facial recognition and artificial intelligence to provide buyers with customizable wig products. Therefore, with just four images, the technology can gather precise details about head measurements and skin tones. What’s more, users can secure their new wig in just five to seven business days.

Black women face unique issues when it comes to building these wigs, and the process traditionally has involved sitting with a stylist for eight hours or more. Four Black women founded Parfait because they believed they could build a better and more efficient way to design and build these wigs using technology. Cofounder and CEO Isoken Igbinedion; her sister, CTO Ifueko Igbinedion; COO Marlyse Reeves; and CMO Simone Kendle came up with an innovative process involving a unique combination of artificial intelligence augmented by human stylists to build wigs better, cheaper with much less wait time.

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They built a solution that lets women simply choose a wig and answer a series of questions for their final wig design. They have mixed this with machine learning to help with sizing and proper coloring, bringing in real hairstylists when needed. Parfait was brought to market and received a $5 million seed investment from Upfront Ventures.

Justine Skye whose debut album “Ultraviolet” featured singles; “U Don’t Know” (featuring Wizkid), “Back for More” (featuring Jeremih), and “Don’t Think About It” was thrilled to have a chance to work directly with the brand Parfait. She had previously damaged her hair after dying it several times to maintain her purple look. Now, she understands the importance of taking care of her natural hair and protective styles have been helpful on that journey.


“It was something that I was really fond of because I’m always getting my hair done, whether it’s for a show, it’s for a photo shoot, whether now TV and film. If you have been following my journey from before, I would dye my hair purple for a really long time. It really was damaging my hair a lot and then I went brown. I’m always trying to find ways to protect my hair, obviously, but sometimes you get tired of braids and I like to switch my hair up a lot and wigs give me the opportunity to do such a thing. When Parfait came to me with this idea and asked me to do a collection, I was like, ‘This is sick.’ All of my signature hairstyles I can create for people to have as well too, for myself and for everyone to have that versatility. It’s really awesome,” Skye told Girls United.

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