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Relaxation and luxury have returned to downtown Woodward. After a long remodeling process, Detroit’s Woodhouse Spa has reopened with a new look and new services. The new renovations come as a welcomed change for co-owner Cheryl Hudson. To her, these fresh additions are simply a new chapter in her long run as a business owner on Detroit’s busiest street.

“We were one of the first Woodhouse franchises,” Hudson explained to us in an interview. “We’ve been here 17 years, and over that period of time, the franchise model has changed as well as the Detroit downtown marketplace. So we wanted to do what we call a refresh. We wanted to refresh our facility so that we would have a more contemporary look like the newer Woodhouses, and also appeal better to the customer base that’s in the city of Detroit today as well as the suburbs.”

Cheryl and her husband Forest are one of the oldest legacy retailers on Woodward and one of the first Black owners of a Woodhouse Spa franchise. Their customers have enjoyed their services and products for the past 17 years, but it hasn’t been without some struggle. In addition to making the location more accommodating to their needs, the remodel is meant to attract clientele back to the spa after suffering a loss of business following the pandemic of 2020.

“We lost customers since COVID, and we’re working hard to gain them back. A lot of them have actually left Detroit for whatever reason, employment or whatever. So we’re having to reintroduce ourselves to the people who are here now as well as encourage those who have been here for a long time to come back and try us again. We have a lot of new services and new staff. It’s a totally different experience than when we first opened.


We’ve have done a refresh in our check-in area in the lobby where you first come in. We got rid of our nail room and created treatment rooms there where we’re introducing our facial and waxing center and we’ll be able to accommodate walk-ins for those services. We’ve also expanded our quiet room area so that it’s much larger, more comfortable, and can accommodate more people.”

Woodhouse is currently open from Tuesday to Sunday and is accepting reservations and walk-ins alike. They are also offering their “12 Days of Holiday Specials”, a perfect opportunity for customers new and old to try out their services. Cheryl and her team are excited about the new chapter the refreshing of their spa will bring, and you can learn more about them on their website

“We’re continuing to add some more finishing touches throughout the year and probably early next year. But we’re excited for people to come back and try us again to experience our new menu of services. We have some new signature services that they may not be familiar with if they haven’t been here in the last two years. So now’s a great time for those who those people to come back and see how our location has changed.”

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