Bishop Eddie Long’s Wife Discusses Why She Stayed

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Money Will Make You Look Over the Obvious…

I’m sure we all remember the Bishop Eddie Long scandal? If you’re not familiar, the short story is Bishop Long was accused of having inappropriate relationships with young men in the church. There were lawsuits from all directions and eventually his wife filed for divorce. However, 24 hours later, she had a change of heart. Say what?

Anyway, she recently stepped before the congregation to explain her reason for staying in the marriage. I have watched the clip twice and still heard no reason to stick around. Though, I did notice her refreshed appearance. Despite the lawsuits, there seems to be enough money to keep that hair and clothing up. I’m thinking the question was “lifestyle change or hang in there?” Money and prestige will make people accept anything. Check the full story and video at “Bossip.”  

Woman Claims to be Michael Clarke Duncan’s Daughter…

Marquea Ambrose claims to be the daughter of recently deceased actor Michael Clarke Duncan. Ambrose says that she hadn’t talked to her father in 11 years. However, his family says they don’t know her. A source says that Duncan in fact dated Marquea’s mom. Though, he didn’t believe he was her father. The family says they hadn’t heard of her until she called Duncan’s mother the day after he died saying, "I want what’s mine." Wow, really?

I mean, the man was in the hospital for two months following a heart attack and she waits until he passes to show up talking about “The only thing that really bothers me about him passing is that we didn’t fix."  If that’s the only thing bothering her, why call asking for anything? Something isn’t right with this story.


 Busy fall for Heather Headley

Heather Headley's new album, Only One In the World, will be released September 25.  Even better for her is the start of a “The Bodyguard,” the musical. Headley will play Rachel, Whitney Houston's role in the movie. The musical opens on the West End in London on Nov. 6.  If all goes well, it will move on to Broadway. Some complained that Headley doesn't look enough like Houston to cover the role, but I disagree. Headley definitely has the beauty and style and her voice is top notch. Not only is she a Grammy winning artist, she also won a Tony Award for best actress in a musical for her title role in “Aida.” Oh, and let's not forget she originated the role of Nala in Broadway's “The Lion King.” Congrats to Heather Headly!

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