Black-Owned and -Led Dance Studios in Metro Detroit

If you’re considering a dance class for your kid or maybe even for yourself, check out these Black-owned and -led dance studios and centers around the city.

Consider enrolling you kid to one of these Black-owned and -led dance studios in Detroit

It can be challenging to keep your kid mentally engaged and physically active, especially when screens are becoming more addicting than ever. While there are many options like including registering them for youth sports, there is one class that may have slipped your mind but will have a huge impact on them: dancing! Since your child probably already moves and grooves when one of their favorite songs plays, why not motivate them to get better at it? If you’re considering a dance class for your kid, check out these Black-owned and -led dance studios and centers around the city and metro.

1. Detroit Dance Center — 831 Selden, Detroit

The Detroit Dance Center was founded by three Black women who, during the pandemic, just could not contain their passion for the art while in physical isolation from the world. Dominique Hamlett, Jasmine Woods and Linda Hendricks started making plans to not only become the next top studio in the City of Detroit but also become the new “Motown” for dancers. With such lofty aspirations, the studio offers a demanding curriculum that prepares serious artists for dancing in college and professional auditions in the industry while also providing outstanding leisure instruction for those who just want to enjoy the dance.

You can check out their website at

2. 3D Dance Academy — 8425 W McNichols, Marygrove Conservancy, Detroit

3D Dance Academy is a high quality dance training school located in the heart of its community. It is located on Detroit’s Northwest side. On the beautiful historical grounds of Marygrove Conservancy. 3D offers a vast variety of training styles from ballet, majorette, hip-hop, to gymnastics, and more. It’s owner Mrs. Sharon Freed-Moreland has an impressive resume which extends from Interlochen training, Alvin Ailey dance school, Arthur Mitchell’s Detroit’s residency lecture demonstration, Katherine Dunham seminars, retirement dinner, and memorial. She has her degrees in Dance and Mathematics education. She also was our late Queen of Soul, Ms. Aretha Franklin’s ballet mistress, tour dancer and choreographer. She truly cares and is passionate about the arts.

For more details check out their website.

3. Studio Detroit Dance Center — 410 W. Nine Mile Rd., Hazel Park

A multifunctional facility, Studio Detroit Dance Center offers something for dancers of all skill levels: new, inexperienced dancers can learn techniques and pointers from seasoned pros; and, for more experienced students that exhibit exceptional skills, the center even offers its pre-teen and adolescent pupils the opportunity to become student-teachers. The studio offers training in different genres: ballet, jazz, hip hop, and dance-for-fitness.

For more details check out their website:

4. Lil’ Dumplins — West Village, Detroit

The Lil’ Dumplins ballet curriculum is specifically designed for preschoolers by Shirel Jones, the homegrown studio’s founder. She has been working with young dancers for more than 10 years as a teaching artist, and she has honed her abilities to relate to them while fostering their creativity and boosting their self-esteem. The goal of Lil’ Dumplins expose young children to the arts and allow them to freely pursue their passions. The studio understands the importance of early art instruction in a supportive setting as a place where kids can hone their social and creative skills.

You can book your kid for a lesson at

5. Detroit-Windsor Dance Academy and Performing Arts — New Center One, 3031 W Grand Blvd #260, Detroit

While fully Black-owned, the nonprofit Detroit-Windsor Dance Academy and Performing Arts have a strong Black creative leadership which includes Executive Director Bruce Hunt, and Artistic Director Debra White-Hunt. This studio is headquartered at New Center, Detroit, and is in its 38th year of offering excellent multi-level instruction. It is a multi-talented and spirit-driven dance company and it’s a place where dancers come to learn the art of touching the hearts and souls of people of all ages with their talent, grace, strength, elegance and passion. With international, national and local recognition of excellence, this is the place for those who are passionate and serious about the art form.

Learn more about this prestigious dance company at

6. Living Arts — 8701 W. Vernor, Suite 301, Detroit

Living Arts is a Black-led nonprofit arts organization. Executive Director Laura Scales oversees the many programs they offer, and the studio features a diverse roster of teaching artists who are practicing professionals who can guide your child in discovering the genre where they can best express themselves.  

Learn more about this creative institution at

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