Happy Small Business Month! Although it’s officially called “Small Business Week,” a week is simply not enough. Let’s take the small out because, no matter if it’s been two years or 20 years since you started your business, we are doing big business in 2022! 

We have compiled 10 exceptional, Black-owned businesses to support and choose this month and beyond.

Matthew Harris came to America and discovered his passion for jewelry making. He spent time in New York City perfecting his fine-jewelry craft. He draws inspiration from modern art and the modern women to create simple, sophisticated and minimalistic collections. The brand has been featured on the pages of Vogue, Allure, InStyle, and Elle!

Cortnie, a wife and mother of two, always wanted to learn how to sew from her grandmother, but life always got in the way. While in between jobs, she and her grandmother took a trip to a fabric store and three hours later she created her first clutch. Over 10 years later, she has created over 200 different designs for clutches, totes, bucket bags, waist bags, backpacks and accessories.

Designer Agness Baddoo handcrafts her high-end leather goods, handbags and accessories with care and consideration. She creates amazing leather goods — perfect for everyday use.

Twin designers Corianna and Brianna turned heads with their eyewear designs. Their funky, innovative and sassy specs were featured in Vogue and Harper’s Bazaar. They offer sunglasses and optical glasses for adults and children.

Toyin Omisore is the wanderer-in-chief of ROAM LOUD. The premium activewear and athleisure line is dedicated to showcasing brown skin. As a woman who values health and wellness, Toyin created a brand that supported just that. Along with apparel, they curate a blog filled with tips and tricks to assist you in becoming your best self.

Shontay Lundy created Black Girl Sunscreen because Black girls need sunscreen. The formula is specifically made for melanated skin. It dries clear and protects our beautiful skin without that ghostly white cast. You can find Black Girl Sunscreen at Target and Ulta. 

Nadiyah Spencer created Tinky Poo as a love letter in action to all babies. The plant-based diapers are made with organic and super-absorbent materials to ensure they are effective, baby-safe, and earth-friendly.

Calling all champagne lovers, because this box is for you! This trendy box comes with not one, but three bottles of champagne: Two timeless and classic bottles, and one meant for celebrating life’s biggest occasions. 

Made in Inglewood, California, Erin James created Frolic and Sage to inspire you to not “just exist through life, to light this sh*t up!” The handcrafted, minimalistic, sassy, candles will speak to you by evoking a sense of opulence and enjoyment. 

Neffi Walker feels that life should be designed with style and that a beautiful fulfilling life is designed with intention. Neffi uses dark tones as the focal point of her designs mixed with pops of colors and gold mirrors. The Black Home offers everything from kitchen goods, card games, candles, notebooks, wine glasses, microfiber towels and everything you’ll need for your home!

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