Christian Twin Musicians, Dem Warren Boyz, Go Global

At 14, Savonte and Javonte Warren already know what they want to be when they grow up.

That’s because they’ve been doing it for more than a decade.

The Inkster-born fraternal twins, known as Dem Warren Boyz, have been singing and preaching since they were 3 years old-and, come this time next year, they may very well be household names.

Their talent and ministry has taken them all over the world, and at the top of 2013 they’ll begin an international concert tour to places as exotic as Greece-and they’ll perform on BET and the Impact Network.

How did you get into singing and at such a young age?

Javonte: We began singing because we were brought up in the church and we really enjoyed all the music that went on in the church and all the music that was played. Me and my brother were preaching and singing at the same time when we were 3. We really just took part in everything that was going on that had to do with music in the ministry of church at that time.


What made you connect with church the way that you did?

Savonte: What really did it for me was just being brought up in the church and how things were really done and I just want to be a part of that. We bridge the gap between generation to generation, so we bring the old and the young together.

What inspires you when you sit down to create music?

Javonte: You know, life experiences and things that happen in church and the understanding of the Bible is what really helps you write these many songs that we come from. So it’s really just coming from a different understanding. My manager, my mom, writes all of our songs.

You guys are being homeschooled. What made you decide to go full throttle in the entertainment business and give up going to school with kids your age?

Javonte: Well, we got a lot of new opportunities that showed up right from God, and going straight to school and getting work from school is harder than having home-school and having a computer to do your school work. And we had a lot of problems in public school; we had bullies and people that didn’t appreciate what we did.

How did you work through bullying? That’s a big issue.

Savonte: The bullying and the jealously was just because of who we are. So we’ve put ourselves away and we separated ourselves from other people so that we separate the foolishness-so that we don’t get intertwined with that type of stuff.

When you think about where life has taken you so far and where it’s about to take you, how do you wrap your head around all that?

Savonte: I’m really trying to figure that out now! I’m really proud for what we’re doing and how we’re changing lives and how we’re going around the whole nation. Just for an example, we just came back from the Bahamas this year for a Father’s Day weekend for the Gospel USA Magazine Gospel Fellowship Retreat. It was really amazing, and I really enjoyed myself for what we were doing in the Bahamas-singing, ministering with other people all around the world. That was a great experience!

What’s something for fans and future fans to know about you?

Javonte: We both play 11 different instruments, we’ve sang in over 10 choirs, we’ve traveled all over the world, we are international, we’ve sang in Mosaic Youth Theatre of Detroit, and really this is all that God has done for us.

What’s the end goal for you guys?

Javonte: We’re really aiming to bridge that gap in singing souls all throughout the world, ’cause this is what God has called us to do. It’s not just through singing; it’s through us preaching and everything that we do in the ministry. This is what God has called us to do, and that’s what we’re really going to do.

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