There is power in professional coaching. The coach-mentee relationship is one which every community changemaker is familiar with. But, whom can one trust to help them take their professional prowess to the next level? 

Meet Lanasia Angelina.

As “The Professionals’ Coach” and founder of Rise Coaching Agency, Lanasia understands the mental fortitude it takes to become a respected entity in the professional world. Lanasia believes faith, hard work, and discipline are the intangibles needed to succeed. With a team of highly trained professionals and a new book on the way, Lanasia is setting her sights on global impact.

BLAC: What makes Lanasia Angelina who she is?

Lanasia: The main components that make me who I am are my resilient spirit; natural, solution-focused mindset; vibrant energy; crazy faith in God; and radical belief in the vision that He gives me.


BLAC: When did you discover your gift for professional coaching and mentorship?

Lanasia: I first discovered my gift of transforming lives when I started mentoring youth at age 19.

While attending college and working part-time, I realized after a heartbreak that I had way too much time on my hands to cry and feel sorry for myself, so I started volunteering. I started volunteering at the Boys and Girls Club of Southeastern Michigan (BGSM) in 2010.

After volunteering and working as a staff member with BGSM for eight months, I started an all-girl dance team. It soon evolved into a girls’ mentoring program and eventually developed into my non-profit, Pretty Girl Campaign, in 2014. In four years, we helped over 2,000 girls build their self-esteem within the Detroit Public Schools Community District. I soon transitioned into coaching women and, eventually, developing other coaches. 

I’ve always had a natural passion for pushing people, and I never wanted anyone to settle or play small. I constantly wanted to push people toward their purpose. I didn’t realize it was a gift until perhaps three years ago.

I just always thought I was pushy.

BLAC: It sounds like you have a knack at lifting people up. How did your Rise Coaching Agency come to fruition?

Lanasia: In 2017, God said that I would have a global coaching agency, so I met with the only life coach I knew to talk about it. A month later, I was in her certification program. Although I had been coaching as a solo coach for years, the agency was always the goal. 

Unlike mentoring youth which is often planting seeds that would blossom into flowers later, I could immediately see the results of coaching on a person’s life. From just helping people shift their identity and worldview, I witnessed their businesses grow, relationships flourish, and physical health change because of life coaching.

I knew how important coaching was, and I also knew that to truly transform the world,  I couldn’t do it alone. God gave me the vision that I needed to scale my impact in 2020. 

Rise Coaching Agency bridges the gap between personal wellness and professional performance, coaches and coaching opportunities, and understanding company leaders and the teams they serve.

The opportunities are endless when people unify to pursue a shared mission of transforming lives. Together, everybody achieves more.

BLAC: You pride yourself on being “The Professionals’ Coach” at Rise Coaching Agency. As someone who balances multiple roles, who provides you with the wise counsel that keeps you afloat?

Lanasia: God is my first source because His word is consistent. It has never failed me yet. I also have a few mentors, including Shalamar Guerrant and Nicole Buck. 

I have personal and business coaches who help me objectively approach situations beyond my experience or understanding. I also have a solid network of business friends and experts in different areas with whom I consult for specific things. 

I trust myself, but what makes a person wiser is asking for help and seeking wise counsel.

BLAC: Your faith in God and discipline seem to fuel you and your business. How do you think our readers can take advantage of their own habits to become their greatest selves?

Lanasia: I use the RISE (Realization, Intention, Strategy and Execution) framework in my agency.

People often fail to recognize the deeply rooted problem that has kept them stuck for however long.

  1. Realization

What is the problem? By simply asking yourself “why,” you can reveal the root cause of the problem that you’ve been fighting for so long. 

  1. Intention

Where your focus goes, your energy flows. Most people struggle with developing good habits because they aren’t setting clear intentions on what they want. Visualize what you want. Make the vision clear and that will guide your life.

  1. Strategy

Failure to plan is a plan to fail. People struggle with commitment because they don’t have a clear strategy to reach the goal. They have no plan of action.

  1. Execution

Execution is the gap between where you are now and where you want to be. Without execution, strategy is useless. You are what you repeatedly do, and if you can commit to doing the same uncomfortable thing over and over again, it will eventually become an innate decision to move forward.

BLAC: What can we expect next from you before the year ends?

Lanasia: My voice will be amplified. One of my favorite quotes is from Audre Lorde who says, “When I dare to use my power in the service of my vision, then it becomes less and less important whether I am afraid.” 

I no longer fear judgment, failure, and success. My only fear now is not using my voice. My agency will be growing. Expect me to be bold, audacious, and even more on fire

The goal is to have 25 coaches by the end of 2022. I’m boldly putting that out there to hold myself accountable.

I’ll be developing more coaching leaders with my Life Coach University certification program, which already has a full waitlist. We’ll be transforming the lives of more ambitious professionals. And my next book, “Stop Playing Small,” is on the way.

Every day, I tell God that I will prove my gratitude through action. So when people see me out here making noise, know that I promised God to fight hard for the vision.

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