Online Database Connect4Care Kids Links Parents and Child Care Providers

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For parents and caregivers looking for early child care and education, United Way for Southeastern Michigan and the city of Detroit have teamed up to offer Connect4Care Kids, an online provider tool. Connect4Care Kids is a one-stop shop for child care services for children ages 5 and younger.

Through the database, people are able to search for locations, determine eligibility for programs and connect to special resources for low-income families. “Access to early childhood learning and care are vital to helping children and families thrive,” says Darienne Hudson, United Way for Southeastern Michigan president and CEO. “We know the benefits for early childhood learning on the child’s development and, particularly, as we’ve seen recently, it’s vital to parents returning to work.”

The creators have made the tool convenient for all. The process is simple: Parents or caregivers go to Connect4Care Kids’ website or text “kids” to 4Care, answer a few questions, match with providers and then get information on availability. This versatile and accessible take on virtual matching is all but necessary in the time of COVID-19. And Spanish and Arabic language options will soon be available.

“With all that’s happening in our world at this moment, we are committed to supporting our families in their search for child care,” says Monica Rodriguez, director of Children and Youth Services for the city of Detroit. “We are excited to partner with United Way on this first version of Connect4Care Kids.”



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