Where etiquette, decorum and developmental training often lack within communities where inner-city boys and girls occupy, The Etiquette Series (TES) consistently addresses imperative factors driving empowerment and success for the youth of Detroit. Dismantling hindering beliefs, low self-esteem and lack of opportunity are at TES’ core.

“We represent and advocate for the dynamic children who will emerge as the resilient and faith-forward achievers and leaders of the future. We aim to reignite the cultural significance and undeniable importance of etiquette and healthy development across the board for our youth with unmatched exposure,” says Founder, Kiya Barden, M.M.

Extending from foundational etiquette training, TES branches into distinct programs of life preparedness including social engagement, personal branding, entrepreneurship, communication, technology, martial arts and community outreach practices. 

“ ‘How can we bridge the gaps?’ is the reverberating question that remains a focal point as TES evolves,” Barden shares. “We want to be as connected (to the youth) as possible.”

Following their words and mission with action, TES teaches Detroit youth who are primarily residents of underserved urban communities’, essentials to creating a personal and professional lifestyle that coexists with their ultimate goals. They refer to TES as a safe space conditioning boys and girls to detest perceived limitations and push beyond fears in order to bring their dreams to fruition. 


Keen on providing barrier free engagement, the organization stays rooted in humanitarian assistance with free educational events and activities to ensure youth the necessary exposure to opportunities that equip them with empowering mindsets, progressive skillset, unmatched mentorship and priceless resources. Their select mission trips propel youth forward with insight into all aspects of the world beyond their comfort zone. Firmly facing the realities of government funding losses, closing of public-school institutions, removal of after school and creative programs and a host of other dire realities, TES tackles disparities to reverse negative directions for youth in the city of Detroit. 

“Our children and especially our teens, lack many critical assets that too often lead to preventable and unlikely outcomes for their lives. TES was founded with unwavering dedication to shift this narrative,” Barden states.  “TES raises the standard of excellence in Detroit through diligent and moral action that supports our gifted youth,” she continues.

As the organization strives to strengthen the resolve of children and teens through variety of methods, TES events and fundraisers allow its leading board of directors, mentors and volunteers to help youth identify their own life purpose and ultimately, become the best version of themselves, especially during critical stages of their lives like matriculation into college and life post high school. 

Since its establishment, TES has partnered with a host of area high schools, fellow organizations, as well as local and global businesses to motivate and propel teens forward. Since their partnership with the Michigan College Access Network, TES has been able to provide over 200 students with dorm room kits. 

Embarking on this Christmas holiday, TES has launched Tis’ The TES Giving Season. They are currently calling forth Detroit teen girls, ages 14-17, for their Annual “All I Want For Christmas” Gift Giveaway. Winners will be notified one-two weeks before Christmas and will be invited to a special Christmas Dinner to celebrate this Holiday Season and meet with TES mentors. To participate, girls are encouraged to enroll at https://theetiquetteseries.com/events/

For more information on TES and to stay updated with their programs, visit https://theetiquetteseries.com

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