Therapist Turned Filmmaker, Nneka Owens Releases Transformative Mother-Daughter Documentary

Producer Owens is a therapist providing relationship counseling with couples and families in her community. Years after opening her practice, she noticed an interesting trend that surprised her: many adult women experience fraught relationships with their mothers and was moved to create a documentary exploring the topic.

Therapist turned filmmaker.
Therapist turned filmmaker.

A groundbreaking documentary film, entitled, ‘Beauty From Ashes: A Journey of Three Daughters, is set for release on Friday, Dec. 3 at 4PM, at the Automotive Hall of Fame Theatre: 21400 Oakwood Blvd. in Dearborn. Doors will open at 3PM and the event will include a Q&A with the producers following the screening.

‘Beauty From Ashes’ explores a topic that is rarely discussed: an intense depiction that explores complex relationships between mothers and daughters. Executive Producer and Filmmaker, Nneka Owens, LPC, NCC, who is also a licensed therapist with a practice in Dearborn that provides services for depression, anxiety, and blended families facing difficulties, noticed an interesting trend that surprised her, many adult women experience fraught relationships with their mothers. 

“I had an excellent relationship with my mother,” notes Owens. “It never occurred to me that so many women would face struggles with their mothers.”

Filmmaker Nneka Owens

Her intrigue led to inspiration and in 2018, the captivating stories of three women came to light in ‘Beauty From Ashes: A Journey of Three Daughters.’

Film Synopsis

Viewers will experience Yvette K.’s story, a woman who received therapy at Nneka’s Detroit practice. She shares harrowing details of the verbal and sexual abuse she experienced, without her mother’s protection. As the oldest child of a drug-addicted single parent, viewers will hear about the neglect and self-image issues suffered due to her mother’s addiction.


Another story includes, Valencia who was born to a mother struggling with abuse, mental illness, and alcoholism. Enduring the same emotional challenges as her mother, including suicide attempts, she shares her battle with abandonment issues. Her focus is to scale personal heights to give her children the life she never had.

“Through a grassroots effort on a global scale with partnerships from foundations and international organizations, we can push this conversation forward,” explains Owens. “We need to emphasize that we can help heal mother and daughter relationships.

The film’s powerful message demonstrates that, despite all odds, these women learn how to love, how to trust, and how to build healthier bonds. For more information about the film, visit:

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