The Michigan Wolverines have a chance to win the college championship for the first time in 27 years. After a season full of controversy and drama, Jim Harbaugh and his boys have a shot to cap off their season with a fairytale ending. Every sports fan in Michigan will be tuning in on Monday, the only question is, where to watch it? There are countless amounts of bars & grills in Detroit, yet so few Black-owned ones. So if you’re looking to have a good time while supporting a Black business, we got you covered.

They Say

This spot is a classic American bar & grill with a little twist of soul. They Say offers traditional restaurant items like wings, fries, and burgers as well as classic soul food dishes like fried catfish, pork chops, and pot pie. In addition to the great menu, they have plenty of TVs around their bar and lining their walls. So no matter where you’re sitting, you’ll have a great view of the game.

Detroit Pizza Bar

Located on the west side, Detroit Pizza Bar was built specifically with big college game days in mind. As implied by the name, the restaurant specializes in good pizza and good drinks. Alongside the food and sports, the establishment acts as a hub for the community. The place is filled with pieces from local artists and the owners work closely with the Live 6 collective to put on events for the local area. We’ve actually reviewed this restaurant before, so if you want a more in-depth review of them, go ahead and click here.

Sweet Soul Bistro

Known for its live entertainment and its unique take on soul food, Sweet Soul Bistro is a Detroit staple that’s perfect for the big game. They wear their Detroit pride on their sleeves with dishes named after Motown legends like Stevie Wonder “Wonderful Wings” and “Smokey Robinson Smokey Ribs.” They also host Monday night football nights with games and local entertainment. Just in time for the biggest game of the year.

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