Defiantly Majestic Tequila and Rum

Bleu Royal Tequila-Rum was born from trusting one’s gut, and wisely defying expectations

Bleu Royal Tequila-Rum described as “amazing from every angle. Best designed bottle in the industry” by one of its creator, Sloteur Joseph. Photo courtesy of Bleu Royal Spirits.

You might have heard of the advice “don’t mix drinks.” And that’s the advice the creators of Bleu Royal Tequila-Rum simply ignored. Looking back, it’s perhaps one of the best decisions they have made.

One night, Kenneth Cook and Sloteur Joseph were drinking together — on the table was tequila and Kremas, a creamy Haitian cocktail with a rum base, concocted by Sloteur. While refilling his unfinished glass of tequila, Kenneth accidentally picked up the Kremas and poured it in his glass. Rum, tequila, and creamed coconut all in the same glass — Kenneth took a swig and surprised himself that his taste buds liked the flavors. And that mixology accident became the inspiration for Royal Blue’s award-winning tequila, rum, and agave blend.

Sloteur Joseph, one of the two creators of Bleu Royal Tequila-Rum, for their #ANewConversation campaign. Photo courtesy of Sloteur Joseph.

Bleu Royal unique blend is bottled in a unique sapphire blue bottle with a gentle inward curve in the middle, and a flared top and bottom. This one-of-kind design has been another leap founders Kenneth and Sloteur took for their brand. In an interview with E-Power, Kenneth said that industry experts they’ve approached cautioned them off the bottle design they wanted in early stages of developing the spirit. When they would show their concept for the bottle design, experts would tell them off as flashy, and trendy bottle designs could be seen to overcompensate for “what’s not in the bottle.” And not listening to that surely gave Bleu Royal a distinctive look that sets it apart.

In 2021, Bleu Royal won the Innovation Award in 2021 and a gold distinction in 2020 from the international SIP Awards. The awards are known for its blind judging of for all spirits entered into the contests. A panel of consumers judge each spirit from a non-descript glass with only a code name to discriminate between alcohol. It’s an award given by over 270 judges without the bias and glitz of brand names — at least until the scores and tabulated and the awards are announced. With over 1,200 liquors scrutinized at the competition each year, getting a gold distinction is no small feat.

Kenneth Cook, one of the two owners of Bleu Royal Tequila-Rum, with his wife, Naomi Jordan-Cook. Photo courtesy of Kenneth Cook.

This deliciously defiant blend in a richly royal blue glass created by two wisely defiant Black gentlemen has of course caught BLAC’s attention. Our fabulous Black Happy Hour mixology queen, Jennifer Peeples of The Perfect 10, has created her own cocktail recipe, aptly named Bleu Magic. It’s a majestic blend of Royal Bleu Tequila-Rum, blue curaçao, and lime juice — a perfect cocktail to bring out the distinct flavors of the liquor.


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