Black-Owned Food trucks have become a trendy dining option for foodies everywhere. What sets them apart is their homegrown feel, often started by upcoming chefs or new brick-and-mortar locations. Their specialty? Fantastic food!

Exploring black-owned food trucks in Detroit is a great way to enjoy a tasty meal while supporting the community. With so many options to choose from, there is no shortage of delicious eats to try this summer.

Thrive Bowl Detroit

With the changing of the seasons Detroiters will be turning off their heaters and turning on their fans as they desperately look for ways to escape the heat. Luckily, Thrive Bowl Detroit is offering a delicious and healthy way to cool off this summer with their variety of Açaí fruit bowls.

With fresh fruit toppings like pineapple, strawberry, kiwi, and many more, these bowl are a much better cold snack than a scoop of ice cream or a slushy cup. And their Nutella, peanut butter, and honey drizzles makes sure that they’re just as sweet as well.

Though they travel throughout Metro Detroit, you can often find them at 1625 Wilkins St near the Eastern Market Saturdays and Sundays 9am-6pm


The Grill Father Ribs and BBQ

It’s not Summer without some good BBQ, The Grill Father Ribs and BBQ has you covered with their variety of straight off the grill meats and delicious sides. 

Founded in 2007, the Ypsilanti based food truck specializes in pork ribs, chicken, pulled pork, brisket, and brats. They also offer classic cookout sides like mac and cheese, coleslaw, and baked beans. The Grill Father takes pride in their applewood and hickory smoked meats and in the family legacy kept alive their food. And with the addition of items like brisket snacks and vegan sausage, they have something for everyone.

The truck can be found traveling throughout Wayne and Washtenaw county however you can always learn where they’re headed next by following their facebook and looking out for their new post. 

Beans & Cornbread

There’s no better place to get soul food than Beans & Cornbread. It’s one of the most successful soul food restaurants in Detroit that now has a food truck to bring its award-winning food right to you!

Beans & Cornbread opened its doors in 1997. It’s always stayed on top of demand, and its food truck helped expand it to new local areas. It’s available for catering events and makes appearances at food truck rallies.

Taste the delicious southern comfort foods served right from the mobile kitchen. A few favorites are the Down Home Chicken Wings, Louisiana Style Gumbo, and Chicken & Waffles. It’s a hearty meal that will surely satisfy your cravings.

Fork In Nigeria

Located on the Avenue of Fashion, Fork in Nigeria brings the taste of Nigeria to our Detroit neighborhoods. It was founded by Prej Iroegbu, a native Nigerian and head chef – you can trust that you’re getting authentic dishes!

Fork in Nigeria is one of the newest in the Detroit food truck scene. Opening in 2020 was a risky move that paid off thanks to the top-quality food it serves to a growing fanbase.

It prides itself on using traditional cooking methods for a genuine culinary experience. Each bite is full of flavor with imported spices direct from the motherland.

A few of the must-try dishes are jollof rice, spicy steak, and fufu.  

Detroit Mini Donut

Owned and operated by two Black Women, Karen Hudson and Karla Willis, Detroit Mini Donut. Through hardships and trials, the two of them have been able to transform their crazy dream into a profitable business. 

Not only that, but they use their business to help local schools and organizations raise funds for their programs. Giving back to the city their from is a big part of their motivation and why they’ve developed a “failure is not an option” attitude as business owners . And there isn’t a better way to bring positivity to the city than a bag of tiny donuts!

You can find Detroit Mini Donut roaming around Detroit on the weekends or at their downtown location on Grand River Ave.

Yum Village

Yum Village is a black-owned food truck success story. The original truck was started by Godwin Ihentuge, whose entrepreneurial spirit grew into a permanent retail location. Now, you have a couple of options for getting your hands on its signature hot bowls.

Yum Village specializes in West African and Caribbean dishes. You’ll find everything from jollof rice to jerk chicken to hand-crafted spirits. Ihentuge has already served over 20,000 meals – the countless five-star reviews confirm the incredible taste.

Yum Village is very involved in the Detroit community. He frequently hosts events and cooking workshops. One of his goals is to enrich the African Diaspora community located in Detroit.

The Lobster Food Truck

The Lobster Food Truck has a busy season ahead of it. Over the recent years, it’s skyrocketed in popularity – it was voted the best food truck by Hour Detroit Magazine and sets up in many of the top events around the city. There’s plenty of chances to get your first taste of its famous lobster rolls.

Its founder, known locally as “Chef Nick,” developed his chef talents working around the nation before starting up The Lobster Food Truck. It proved to be an excellent move. Its loyal customers consistently rave about lobster rolls, lobster mac & cheese, and shrimp tacos.

Be sure to check their location daily to see where they’ll be parked next!

The Gripper

Chef Tony started one of Detroit’s premier catering company’s Durden’s Catering. After catering high-profile events and popular venues around the city, it was enough motivation to start The Gripper food truck. Now, you can get the same great food from the mobile restaurant front.

The Gripper is famous for its “Gripper” sandwich. But what makes the food truck stand out the most is the themed menu days. It rotates the menu so that you’ll always find something new cooking in the truck. One day you might find specialty tacos and the next a menu full of soul food.

Be sure to check the current location for where you can place an order of the savory food.

Norma G’s

Chef Lester Gouvia grew up on delicious Caribbean food, so opening Norma G’s was in honor of his mother, who inspired his cooking passion. It’s one of the top Caribbean restaurants in Detroit, and the demand led to opening its first food truck in 2015.

Norma G’s now brings authentic Caribbean dishes to the Detroit neighborhoods. You’ll instantly smell the mouthwatering scents of the jerk wings, curry chicken, oxtail sliders, and beef patties when approaching the window to place an order. It also has vegan dishes available for healthier options.

It’s impressive how Gouvia maintains the restaurant’s vibrant atmosphere and food quality within the mobile truck. It’s available for catering and private parties.

Master Chef Mobile Grill Food Truck

If you’re looking for mouthwatering food, there’s one name in town you should get familiar with – Master Chef Mobile Grill Food Truck. With a staff full of accomplished chefs, your food will easily surpass all your expectations.

Kevin Holt is the owner and head chef at the Master Chef Mobile Grill. He has over four decades of culinary experience. His truck specializes in deli-style meals, including sandwiches, burgers, and sides. It’s the perfect place to stop by for lunch or dinner on the go.

Invite the gourmet mobile kitchen to cater your event or party to give guests the culinary experience of a lifetime!

Motown Dawg Slingers

Chicago’s not the only city with delicious loaded hot dogs. Quan Fish has been slinging dawgs since 2019. With support from his wife, Tamika, his business was able to survive the 2020 pandemic. And now in 2023, Motown Dawg Slingers is bigger than it’s ever been

The menu is full of several all beef hot dogs and sausages with unique toppings like nacho cheese, bacon bits, and coleslaw. They also offer vegan, turkey, and Halal options so that everyone can enjoy a one of their original dogs

Motown Dawg Slingers will be spending a lot of time in the Spirit Plaza this Summer, but you can find out where else they’ll be by following their social media. 

Ozale’s Kitchen

Ozale’s Kitchen is pMotown Dawg Slingers

Chicago’s not the only city with delicious loaded hot dogs. Quan Fish has been slinging dawgs since 2019. With support from his wife, Tamika, his business was able to survive the 2020 pandemic. And now in 2023, Motown Dawg Slingers is bigger than it’s ever been

The menu is full of several hot dogs and sausage Him

roof that good food sells itself. Chef Ozale is a viral food sensation thanks to his food posts on social media full of comments asking for pricing and location. A quick flip through the Instagram feed will make anyone hungry!

The massive demand for his food creations helped launch his food truck business, Ozale’s Kitchen. He’s mastered a range of meals, from seafood to pasta dishes. The food speaks for itself and has a lot of word-of-mouth buzz around the city about how good it is.

You can find Ozale’s Kitchen all around Detroit – it’s always parked at new locations, so be sure to check the weekly location schedule. The truck is also available for private dinners and catering services.

Eat at Bert’s

The long-time Eastern Market staple now has a food truck! For decades, Eat at Bert’s (or Bert’s Marketplace) has been providing good food and music to the people of Detroit from their downtown location but now they’re taking their popular BBQ and soul food menu on the road.

Family owned and operated since 1987, Bert’s marketplace focuses on preserving Detroit history, providing good entertainment, and serving great food. Know for their smoked ribs covered in their house BBQ sauce, the restaurant 

You can catch their truck at multiple Detroit events this summer or contact them on their website to request them for your next up at your event.

Black Owned Food Trucks

Are your taste buds tingling with anticipation? Embark on a culinary adventure by visiting one of these fantastic food trucks today! Share your gastronomic experiences with us in the comments below, and let us know your favorite food truck or any hidden gems we should be raving about.

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