Situated on Detroit’s westside, Detroit Pizza Bar stands as a testament to community resilience. Inaugurated in 2022, Marcus Jones and Akunna Olumba, the co-owners, have made extra strides to weave the fabric of the city’s people and its culture seamlessly into their operation. From curating art exhibits for local painters to showcasing Detroit’s musicians under their roof, this Black-owned Pizzeria steers clear of mere profit-making. Instead, it roots itself deeply into the neighborhood.

Building, Nurturing, and Celebrating Community

This ethos becomes evident as soon as you step over the threshold. The place doesn’t chase after a specific theme or aesthetic; rather, it mirrors the personas of the owners, the pulse of the city, and the character of the local area. The restaurant brims with works by local Detroit artists, with many pieces available for sale. A multitude of local Detroit artists grace the two floors of the building, this not only adds some essential decorative flair but also forges a platform where lesser-known artists can reclaim the spotlight. Adjacent to the TVs hang the good ol’ college football flags- the maize and blue ‘M’ and the bold red of the Georgia Bulldogs (an ode to Jones’s university), adding to the fervor during game days and big sports events, which are peak times at the venue. Thus, these flags are a perfect match for the relentless sports reverie relayed by the flatscreens.

Detroit Pizza Bar
Courtesy of Detroit Pizza Bar Instagram

Flavors that Ignite the Palette and Celebrate Culture

The menu—crafted with burgers, salads, whole wings fried hard, and of course, a diverse range of Detroit-style pizzas named after various facets of Detroit’s history and culture—envies none. One of the crowd-pleasers is the seafood-laden “Coleman Young”, a pizza generously topped with shrimp, lobster, crab meat, and white sauce. Not merely a palate delight, but it also symbolizes what makes the culinary journey here special. It carves out a unique space in the conventional bar/pizzeria setting. The cuisine not only celebrates audacious and intuitive flavors but also ensures everyone has something to relish. By including options like Impossible sliders and the “Vegan Love” pizza, they’ve pioneered not just good food in the area but also quick and healthy alternatives.

Detroit Pizza Bar
The Coleman Young pizza

The Detroit Pizza Bar – A Neighborhood Cornerstone

The Detroit Pizza Bar could’ve very easily morphed into just another sports bar or an bougee, experimental eatery. Instead, it’s slowly but surely transforming into a neighborhood cornerstone, and that’s because it caters genuinely to those who live there. If you ever get an opportunity, do pay a visit during a sports event or one of their special occasions. You’d not only be uplifting a Black business, but you’d also be directly contributing to the community.

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