Five Black-owned Vegan Restaurants To Try in Metro Detroit

If you’re a vegan or just wanting to try something new in your taste buds, here are five Black-owned and women of color-owned vegan restaurants in metro Detroit for you to try.

Plant-based Paradise Foods and Mareketplace
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Don’t wait until the beginning of the year to think about being healthy. The time to think about plant-based and vegan lifestyles is now. This list of vegan and plant-based restaurants are not just servicing to those who are conscious of what they eat but they are also a reminder that eating healthy doesn’t have to be a chore. Explore the richness and diversity of Detroit’s dining scene. So if you’re a vegan or just wanting to try something new in your taste buds, here are five Black-owned and women of color-owned vegan restaurants in metro Detroit for you to try.

1. Seva Detroit

If you’re a breakfast type of person and want to be as vegan as possible, the right vegan restaurant for you is just right around the corner of Midtown Detroit. Seva Detroit, which also goes by the name Seva restaurant, is a Vegetarian restaurant that has served vegetarian Detroiters through thick and thin since 2011. It can also be seen on their instagram page that a lot of people are in love with this place, with a total following of 6000 and more. 

It is located at 66 E Forest Ave, Detroit, MI 48201 where its dine-in and carryout starts from 11 am to 9pm. As you go to their restaurant, you will be seeing their beautiful outdoorsy patio with its dining room and bar. Currently, they can accommodate no more than 10 people. For more information, you may go on their website. 

2. Trap Vegan

The concept for Trap Vegan originated with the proprietors, who are themselves vegan. There are no animal products anywhere on the menu and the raw juices and smoothies are unrivaled in the Motor City. If you visit their instagram account you can really see that people from Detroit love their restaurant, as they have a total of 5 800 plus followers. 

Trap Vegan is a family-owned and operated brand and its menu is filled with hearty meals such as vegan burgers, amazing plant based vegan side and more. Trap Vegan is located at 20198 Livernois Detroit, MI 48221 and you may go to their website for more information. 

3. Chili Mustard Onions

Next on the list is Chili Mustard Onions or also known as C.M.O. Unlike any other vegan restaurants around Detroit, CMO’s feature is not just being vegan but it is Detroit’s first vegan coney-style restaurant.  

Pete Lacombe’s vegan restaurant boasts a wide range of certifications for the food it serves, including those for ethical sourcing, fair trade, organic, and more. The fact that they have over 16,000 followers on Instagram is evidence enough that people adore them. If you want to take a bite of this vegan coney style food, just visit at 3411 Brush Street, Detroit, MI 48201. 

4. Detroit Vegan Soul

Next on the list is Detroit Vegan Soul, boasting a 15 000 following on Instagram, Detroit Vegan Soul offers your favorite comfort foods with confidence that the ingredients are fresh, mostly organic, and completely plant-based. 

One of the comfort foods that they offer are mac-n-cheese, BBQ tofu and catfish tofu wherein the menu is made with organic ingredients without refined flours and sugars. If you want to be comforted with Detroit Vegan Soul, you may visit at 19614 Grand River Ave. Detroit, MI 48223 or go visit their website

5. NeeHee’s indian Vegetarian Street Food

And last on the list is NeeHee’s Indian Vegetarian Street Food, what differs this from the first four that was listed is the genre of its menu which is Indian. Owned by a Patel Family of two brothers, you can be assured that this place serves not just authentic Indian food but its vegan as well. 

If you go to a NeeHees, you can rest assured that your cuisine is prepared in front of your eyes, making you an integral part of the process and allowing you to specify the exact seasonings and other preferences that go into your dish. Because of how popular it is, franchises can be purchased to expand the business. Located at 45656 Ford Road, Canton, MI 48187. 

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