Sugar and spice and everything nice! We’re not talking about girls, we’re talking about great connections paired with great wines. Every Thursday the forward-thinkers at House of Pure Vin host a networking gathering simply called “The Connection,’: where the love of wine is shared with the love of entrepreneurship and community.

“God put me on this Earth to serve. I use my gifts & talents to make others around me better and to help my community elevate socially, professionally and economically.” says Dan Austin, event producer of #TheConnection at The House of Pure Vin. “We plan to keep the conversation going this evening and build on what occurred last week.”

Community connection was taken this into consideration when compiling our fall wine list. All of The House of Pure Vin wines make great pairings with the heart-warming food of the Thanksgiving and can find these wines at House Of Pure Vin, Detroit’s premiere wine shop – in-store or online.

1Cabernet Sauvignon


A Detroit-made and Black owned brand, Opulence is a luxury brand developed by Dr. LaToya Thompson; sports physical therapist, wife and mother of three. Cab Sauvignon are typically high acidity and high tannin, with a unique combination of green pepper and vanilla from being aged in oak– the perfect way to make an autumn wine. Currently sold out in store, yet available for pre-order on 

2Chenin Blanc

Dwayne Wade at SOBEWFF
Dwayne Wade at SOBEWFF

Three By Wade, $24.52

Created by Dwyane Wade himself, Three By Wade’s Chenin Blanc is oak-barrel aged to give it a more full, deep flavor than it’s dry, summer wine counterpart. The process makes it more similar to a Chardonnay, meaning that you’ve found yourself a new wine to drink on Thanksgiving.

3Italian Rose

Wifey Sparkling Rose, $21.00

Made from native grapes like Corvina, Aglianico, and Nerello Mascalese, Italian rosés often have a darker pink color and richer taste than their French and American counterparts. Signature flavors range from tart cherry and plum to orange zest and grilled fruit, all tinged with exotic spice, which makes Wifey’s Sparkling Italian Rose the perfect transition from light, airy summer wines. 


Klinker Brick Old Vine, $21.99

Black-owned brand Klinker Brick created a smooth, ruby red Zinfandel blend that graces the palate with notes of dark cherry, raspberry, cranberry and black pepper. The result is a balanced and complex wine perfect for the backyard fall fire pit. 

5Grenache Blanc

Grenache Blanc

Joseph Swan Caties Corner, $28.00

Wine Enthusiast paid special attention to the flavors of waxy apple and creamy apricot, underlaid with “white flower” in their review of this light, crisp blend from Joseph Swan. Grenache Blancs pair well with soups, stroganoffs and other rich meals that keep you warm in autumn, so it should definitely get a feature on your shelves for chilly harvest moon nights. 

6Red Blend

The McBride sister’s Red Blend

McBride Sisters Red Blend, $21.99

The McBride sister’s Red Blend combines the best flavors of the best seasonal reds, with every sip reminiscent of cobbler, mocha, toffee, and subtle cola and french Oak spices.  

7Rhone White 

Château de La Font du Loup Côtes du Rhône (Signature Blanc), $25.50

France’s Rhone Valley is best known for inky, vibrant red blends, but the region’s slightly heavier white wines are a hidden gem for those in the know. Château de La Font’s Chenin Blanc features hints of citrus and ripe golden apple flavors mixed with traces of walnut and cream. It’s like strolling through an apple orchard with every sip.

Shop online at House of Pure Vin for all listed varieties, or stop by and wine shop at 1433 Woodward in Detroit.

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