Subscription Service Goodpluck Delivers Fresh, Local Produce Right to Your Door


If you are looking for fresh, locally produced fruits and vegetables that can be delivered to your door, Goodpluck has you covered. The subscription service drops off a basket filled with produce from a farmer located within two hours of your doorstep.

This means that your food is not traveling cross-country and is more likely to have been grown for flavor, not yield. That’s according to Chening Duker, Goodpluck’s founder and a self-described lover of food and sustainability. 

He immigrated to the United States from London to pursue an education. With family from Ghana and Cameroon, he says they’ve always had a connection to food and, because of that, he was interested in the way food is produced and sold in the U.S.

It is true that there are advantages to buying locally grown food. For starters, pouring money into the local economy is always a good way to support thriving communities and the small farmer who needs our dollars to survive. Then there is the satisfaction of knowing exactly where your food comes from and how it was grown. 

These reasons are why Duker piloted Goodpluck last summer. “I wanted to build something that’s going to help make it easy for people to get really high-quality, sustainable food without having to spend a fortune,” Duker says. “What makes us different is that we support very, very small farms, and we make sure that the farms we work with are growing things in a sustainable way.” 


The number of farmers that Duker buys from depends on the season. One of those farms is based in Detroit’s Virginia Park neighborhood, CWO Farms – a farmer he holds in high regard. About farms like CWO he says, “The farmers are motivated to make the best, healthiest, no additives produce – that is what they are feeding their families.”

With a successful pilot behind him, Duker launched the full platform in December 2020. The subscription is 100% customizable and the contents are promised to be in-season, grown without pesticides or genetic modifications. You can also choose from baked goods, eggs and dairy items.

The starter basket is $35 and filled with 10 to 12 different types of produce. Shipping is free, and you can decide to receive a basket every week or every other week. The packaging is kept simple because sustainability is a Goodpluck core value.


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