If you’re looking for a taste of the South in Grand Rapids, Michigan, look no further than The Candied Yam. This unique restaurant serves up soulful dishes that are rich in heritage and prepared with fresh, locally sourced ingredients.

Owner Jessica Ann Tyson brings her passion for food and community to the restaurant, where she serves up signature dishes like fried chicken, smothered pork chops with gravy, and macaroni and cheese that rival anything you’ll find down South. But it’s not just about the food at The Candied Yam – it’s about the love and care that goes into every dish.

For Jessica Ann, food is a way of bringing people together and sharing love with the community. As a child, she learned the importance of fresh, homegrown ingredients from her adoptive family. Now, she brings that same love and care to every dish she serves at The Candied Yam.

But the restaurant isn’t just a celebration of Southern cuisine – it’s also a celebration of community. Jessica Ann is a philanthropist who has awarded over $115,000 in scholarships to high school and college students over the past twelve years. She’s also a successful businesswoman who owns the JA PR Group, LLC.

At The Candied Yam, you’ll not only find delicious food but also a warm and welcoming atmosphere that’s perfect for sharing a meal with family and friends. And with vegan and vegetarian options on the menu, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.


If you’re looking for a taste of the South in the Midwest, be sure to visit The Candied Yam. With its delicious food, welcoming atmosphere, and commitment to community, it’s a true gem in Grand Rapids.



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