You can’t talk about nightlife in the City of Detroit without mentioning Views Bar And Grill. Together, the Views brothers, Brian Sullivan and Darius Statum, have created a place where many Detroiters from all backgrounds and generations come together for food, drinks, and entertainment.

Both men started from the bottom and worked their way up through the nightlife scene in Detroit. Although familiar with each other’s work, their paths finally crossed in 2018.

“In 2018, I linked up with Darius because he already had Views Bar and Grill established in the city,” Sullivan told BLAC. “Once we linked up and talked, it was on from there.”

Throughout the years, both Sullivan and Statum have cultivated personal and professional relationships which have become one of the many foundational pieces of their empire.

“We have a number of personal relationships that have proven to be beneficial to us,” Sullivan said.” “We also have a strong team that carries us throughout various situations as well.”


“You have to grow with the people that you came into the game with,” Statum explained. “Having a great rapport with people and amazing vibes is essential in this business. Every day is never the same.”

The traditional format of entertainment has changed with the emergence of silent parties and events taking place in the Metaverse. Statum told BLAC that Sullivan is always studying various markets and ideas to harness and test out at Views Bar and Grill.

“Brian is always locked in and ahead of the curve on everything that’s going on in the industry,” Statum said. “He puts the plays together and when it’s time to bring it to the table, it’s already complete. I’m still trying to figure out how he does it.”

With an ever-growing brand that has now extended into Atlanta — and now Houston — both men are elated for what the future holds for their business.

“Houston is a project that we’re both excited about,” Sullivan said. “I can honestly see Houston outdoing both Detroit and Atlanta. We’ve received amazing feedback from people, and we haven’t even opened yet. We want to go over and beyond to make sure this Views’ location matches the energy of our previous one.”

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