12th Annual Men’s Health Day Returns to Ford Field Oct. 8

The men of metro Detroit — 18 years of age or older and with or without health insurance — will be treated to a free health affair on Oct. 8 at the Ford Field.

12th annual Men’s Health Event returns to Ford Field this Oct. 8

The men of metro Detroit — 18 years of age or older and with or without health insurance — will be treated to a free health affair on Oct. 8 at the Ford Field that includes several screenings for some of the most curable and preventable illnesses. The gathering of men’s health experts will also provide consultations and awareness campaigns on healthy living, men’s health issues and recent medical breakthroughs.

Women who will bring the men of their lives will also be treated to manicures and massages, and children will also be entertained with inflatables — all part of the Men’s Health Day schedule.

Among the free services offered include:

  • vital screenings,
  • eye exams,
  • bloodwork,
  • flu shots,
  • COVID-19 immunizations and boosters,
  • HIV testing,
  • oral cancer and dental exams,
  • vein dopplers,
  • diabetic foot checks,
  • heart status monitoring,
  • colorectal cancer tests,
  • Hepatitis A vaccines, and
  • mental health consultations

Attendees will also be offered free lunch, yoga sessions and the chance to attempt a field goal. The Michigan Barber School will also give free haircuts for the men at the event.

Far too many men delayed or skipped routine health check-ups during the pandemic, which can be critical to saving lives,” Dr. Michael Lutz, president and founder of the MIU Men’s Health Foundation and a urologist with the Michigan Institute of Urology, said. “This is a great opportunity to get back in the game and take charge of your health. It’s been a tough couple of years and we encourage men to come to this event, get screened, and then kick off a healthier lifestyle. There will be an incredible number of resources in one place to help you do that.”


With a combined value of almost $2,000, the free health screenings are offered in collaboration with Beaumont Health, Trinity Health, and Ascension. Blood tests will check for prostate-specific antigen, testosterone, glucose, and cholesterol in addition to the usual vital signs.

“It’s an easy sit down with a medical health expert and ask any questions you have, one-on-one, when you have time, without an appointment” Dr. Lutz said. “You can even bring your list of prescriptions and doses and review them with a pharmacist.”

For those trying to reentering the labor market after the COVID-19 pandemic, a career fair will be held to provide a variety of educational and professional options for skills-based training. Men will be encouraged to “get back in the game” during the noon half-time presentation, which will also cover nutrition and wellness in-depth.

Black Health Movement’s Second Saturday Fit Fest will include an exercise session on the field, and Gospel Against AIDS will provide prayer partners.

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