5 Black Beauty Brands to Try This Summer

Best friends at the beach during on a summer day. Photo courtesy of Thought Catalog.

Ladies, we are undervalued and underestimated. Our natural beauty is often ignored in favor of Eurocentric standards of beauty. But our time is now. Black women are standing up, and are creating products with diverse skin complexions and hair textures in mind.

As we head into the summer, check out some of these brands created for and by women of color. These brand’s formulas and colors were created with inclusivity in mind. Surely, you will find something perfect for yourself.

The Lip Bar

The Lip Bar’s best-selling “Bawse Lady” color is available as liquid matte lipstick, lip gloss, tinted shimmer blam, and lip liner. Photo courtesy of The Lip Bar.

Melissa Butler founded The Lip Bar with a mission to provide high-impact, easy-to-use beauty products for women of color, and they formulate their products with integrity and purpose.

Their lipsticks are some of our favorites, available in a range of vibrant colors that are sure to make a statement. The Lip Bar doesn’t just offer lipstick. They have a full line of products including eyeshadow, foundation, and blush.

This summer, we’ll be reaching for The Lip Bar’s Liquid Matte Lipsticks in shades like “Bawse Lady” (a rich burgundy) and “Hot Mama” (a vibrant red). Their sheer lipsticks in “Ringleader” (a peachy nude) and “Showstopper” (a mauve pink) are also perfect.


Whatever your style, The Lip Bar has a shade and product for you. So go ahead and treat yourself to some new summer makeup!

Bomba Curls

Lulu Cordero brings the time-tested hair care secrets of her homeland, Dominican Repulic, to everyone. Photo courtesy of Bomba Curls.

Created by Afro-Dominicana Lulu Cordero, Bomba Curls celebrates curls and wants to share the tightly kept Dominican beauty secrets used by generations of women with the world. The outcome is a hair care line that uses premium and organic super-ingredients to help you achieve maximum length retention and curls that serve majorp pop.

Lulu created Bomba Curls when she found herself suffering from severe traction alopecia and turned to the unique hair care recipes used in her native Dominican Republic to formulate elixirs that promote hair growth and health.

And if you’re suffering from traction alopecia, Bomba Curls might just be the answer to your prayers. With their unique blends, they offer a natural solution to achieve healthy hair growth.

If you’re looking for a hair care line that is clean, pure, and organic, look no further than Bomba Curls.


Gwen Jimmere is on a mission of saving women time on their hair care by reducing 12 products into a three-step routine. Photo courtesy of Sylvia Jarrus.

Brilliant, beautiful, and busy women can’t get enough of Naturalicious, because of its one of a kind hair care experience. The “Hello Gorgeous Hair Care System” is the brainchild of Founder Gwen Jimmere. Naturalicious says it does the work of 12 products in only three simple steps, taking you from wash to style in a fraction of the time. This convenient hair care system delivers Instagram worthy hair with a delectable blend of all natural and organic ingredients.

Based in Detroit, Michigan, Gwen is on an unrelenting mission to eliminate the exorbitant amount of time that women spend on their beauty routine, by creating high-performance, time-saving beauty solutions. Naturalicious estimates that it have saved over 70,000 women more than 1.2 million minutes and counting.


Moodeaux’s fragrances are made of plant-based materials that doesn’t dry your skin. Photo courtesy of Moodeaux.

Moodeaux is a plant-based, moisturizing luxury fragrance label that leaves you smelling good and feeling good. Made with only plant-based ingredients, Moodeaux’s fragrances help lock in moisture and extend the wear of your scent.

Founded by Brianna Arps, a former Refinery29 editor, Moodeaux was created to fill the void of Black-owned fragrance labels and to start a discourse around the role our sense of smell has in self-care. For Black women, this company provides an opportunity to feel seen and represented in the beauty industry.

So if you’re looking for a new fragrance to try this summer, be sure to check out Moodeaux.

Sassy Hair Cap

Bianca Rush created the Sassy Hair Cap as a durable and inclusive of all hair. Photo courtesy of Sassy Hair Cap.

Looking for a quality hair bonnet that fits all hairstyles? Look no further than the Sassy Hair Cap. The brainchild of Bianca Rush, this cap is designed with Black women in mind. It’s flexible enough to fit both long and short hair, and is made from high-quality materials that protect your hair from damage. Plus, it’s 2x longer than standard hair bonnets on the market, making it perfect for all hair types and lengths. So if you’re in the market for a new hair bonnet, be sure to check out the Sassy Hair Cap.

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