8 Health and Wellness Apps You Should Download Right Now

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It’s true that technology can be a source of our anxiety, but on the flipside, it can also be a helpful tool toward a healthier mind and body. Consider clearing space on your phone and on your to-do list for one or more of these free wellness apps.


This emotional wellbeing app is crafted for Black and Indigenous women of color to nourish the mind, body and soul. Make use of meditations, guided imagining, breath work, coaching and affirmations meant to address everything from stress, grief, rest, microaggressions and more that specifically consider the BIWOC experience.


This period tracker allows you to keep up with all things reproductive health-related, including your menstrual and ovulation cycles, and pregnancy. Log symptoms to discover personal patterns, and set reminders for when your period is due so you never find yourself having to makeshift a pad from a wad of toilet paper again.

Deliciously Ella

Spun from the popular blog, this app features over 500 healthy plant-based recipes. At your fingertips are meal planners, step-by-step image guides, videos showing you exactly how to make select recipes and more. Also check out over 100 yoga videos and advanced classes, an in-app podcast on health and wellness, and more. 

Sleep Cycle

This smart alarm clock and sleep tracker promises to help you relax at bedtime, sleep better and wake up easier and feeling refreshed. Its unique design only wakes you up while you’re in your light sleep phase, and, in the mornings, get detailed reports that give insight into your sleeping patterns during the night.



Start to develop a daily meditation habit with this Black-owned app created by and for us. Discover a curated library of over 250 popular meditations and talks that call on ancient techniques to help navigate being Black in a modern world. Address anxiety and stress, depression, internalized racism, overcoming addiction, gratitude and more.


Chart your daily water intake and stay on top of your hydration goals with this simple, award-winning tracker. Stay motivated with reminders, view your progress and win rewards.

Day One Journal

Take a moment to self-reflect wherever you are with this digital daily journal. Record your thoughts, emotions and key moments – or use it to jot down and organize your to-dos before they have a chance to overwhelm. Set reminders, and keep it cute and personal by adding locations and photos.

Home Workout

Gym and equipment not required with this home workout app of specialized, flexible routines cultivated by industry experts. Test yourself with seven-, 14- or 30-day fitness challenges, guided by detailed descriptions, images and video, and track your fitness and weight loss goals along the way.

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