Lavish Box the beauty vending machine is transforming the way we get our beauty products to make it safe and contactless. Leslie Williams saw the need when COVID stopped the world and she found herself meeting women she met in Facebook beauty groups in alleys and around dark corners.

The Lavish Box holds products like edge control, edge brushes, regular brushes, men brushes, bonnetts, durags and more. Williams says, “we have the main essentials like lashes, eyeliner, eyebrow pencils, the staple black brands.” Lavish Box also has a special section called Lavish Entrepreneurs. The section is dedicated to small beauty businesses around the world. She says, “from cosmetics to lashes to skin care, we have it.” 

Williams grew up in a family of artistry and became creative herself. “Being from Detroit it’s hard not to be naturally creative based upon the culture we have.” She went on, “nature and nurture made me a creative person.”

She spent her time modeling, photography, creating a production company Lavish, and having a variety of side hustles. She quit her 9-5 job in the beginning of 2020 feeling unfulfilled. When COVID entered Michigan she says, “I went right on unemployment like everyone else.” She continued her side hustle of doing hair.

Beauty supplies were shut down due to the stay at home mandate. While searching the internet for braiding hair and hair products she says, “I was meeting girls in crazy places. I felt like I was doing something illegal. We didn’t know if the police were gonna swoop down on us.”


The idea for a Lavish Box vending machine came shortly after. Vending machines are contactless and are available 24 hours. Williams says, “it’s pandemic proof.” She bought her first vending machine from craigslist in June of 2020 and by the end of June 2021 she will have opened 4 Lavish Box’s around the city of Detroit in gas stations.

In February Lavish Box started their franchise program. Soon Lavish Box will house bundles of hair and braiding hair. “From the Eastside to the Westside, I want customers to feel safe with Lavish Box. Williams went on, “for women our hair and beauty is an asset.”

Lavish Box Locations

13330 Linwood
Detroit, MI 48238

8005 E. Jefferson Ave.
Detroit, MI 48214

6420 Van Dyke St
Detroit, MI 48213

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