BLAC STYLE: Ashton Swinton’s androgynous approach to style

hough he’s usually wearing all black, Ashton Swinton says he loves toying with texture. Whether it’s mesh or leather, nothing is really off-limits when it comes to his androgynous style. You might see him around town fearlessly rocking a dress or some serious shades, but usually you can find him mixing up a craft cocktail at your favorite bar.

BLAC: How do you describe your personal style?
ASHTON: I like to switch between men’s and women’s clothes. I like to confuse people. Often kind of bondage and fetish-y. I’m often in all black, but I like to play with texture.

BLAC: What is a signature element to your look?
ASHTON: This earring. I kept leaving this (flash drive) everywhere, so I was just like ‘I’m just going to throw it on an earring,’ and then I was like ‘Oh, it looks kind of cool, too.’ I will always have one earring in. I like the asymmetrical look of it.


BLAC: Who inspires your style?
ASHTON: The movie The Fifth Element, hands-down the entire wardrobe for it. That McDonald’s scene? It’s an amazing movie. (Jean Paul) Gaultier did the entire wardrobe.

BLAC: Where do you like to shop?
ASHTON: I think my favorites are definitely Lost and Found Vintage in Royal Oak, Noir Leather (in Royal Oak), a sprinkle of Forman Mills -you can find some good things there.

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