BLAC STYLE: Leah V’s confident look

eah V refuses to be fit into a box. Just a few scrolls through her Instagram and you’ll see her clad in everything from plaid to faux fur, metallic, even camo – all topped off with a meticulously wrapped hijab. As a blogger, model and body-positive activist, her style might not fit a label, but her confidence always slays.

BLAC: How do you describe your personal style?
LEAH: My personal style changes with my mood. Today I felt like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. But sometimes I like to be high-fashion glam, I like to be vintage, I like ’60s. I don’t have a set style but I do like to shock people or start a conversation.

BLAC: Where do you like to shop?
LEAH: I shop pretty cheaply because I’m a broke blogger. I hit any store with a good clearance rack. Usually Target, Burlington Coat Factory, sometimes Walmart has really good stuff for really cheap. Forever 21, I like Society Plus, they’re online.

BLAC: What is a signature element to your look?
LEAH: Right now it would be the funky glasses. Like really big, really bold, stupid shades.


BLAC: Who inspires your style?
LEAH: Some of them are plus-size bloggers and body positive activists. I love GarnerStyle, GabiFresh, Essie Golden is pretty dope, Solange, of course Ri-Ri, can’t leave her out. Cher, back in the day, just brought all types of stuff out of the woodwork. She was a trendsetter in her time. She was fearless in the way she dressed, and I kind of harness some of that energy of being fearless when I dress – and unapologetic.

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