BLAC STYLE: Miya Hooks serving up looks

iya Hooks uses her diverse and eclectic style to express herself through clothes and accessories. Finding the fine line between sexy and classic, the chef by day/fashionista by night is known for wearing head-turning outfits that are sure to inspire you to dive deeper into fashion.

BLAC: How do you describe your personal style?
MIYA: It depends on what mood I'm in. I can go from retro hippie to girly to sexy – it just depends on what I am feeling. I am in chef’s clothes majority of the time. When I have the opportunity to actually showcase my style, I take it.

BLAC: Where do you like to shop?
MIYA: Most of my clothes are from Pitaya in Royal Oak. I have this long floral dress from there. It’s very vintage, very classically pretty. Its coral but it’s classy – still kinda sexy ’cause the sides are cut out. I got my (statement fur purse) from Lost and Found Vintage, also in Royal Oak. I order my shoes online because it’s really hard to find shoes my size.


BLAC: Why is style important to you?
MIYA: I feel like your style generates what kind of mood you are in. I like being different. I like standing out. I don’t wanna dress like everyone else. I feel like my personality is subsided when I’m in checkered pants and a white shirt. When I’m able to take it off, it’s like I am Miya again. On my days off, I get dolled up to feel like myself.

BLAC: What is a signature element to your look?
MIYA: Earth tones are what my friends know me for – with a pop of color. I make sure I always wear earrings. Shoes, purses and sunglasses are very important. And if my nails aren’t done, I’m not myself.

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