BLAC’s Favorite Black Orthodontists

Having an orthodontist you trust is key to your overall dental health. Here’s a list of Black dentists around Michigan who can provide you with great care.

Here are BLACs favorite dentists around Michigan

“Keep those teeth shining.” That’s the line every dentist commercial featuring dental information will tell you. And it’s for good reason. Every tooth is unique and every person’s mouth is different, and only a dentist who knows and understands you well and understands your unique circumstances can offer good advice about your dental health. In fact, research has shown that patients fare better when minority doctors care for minority patients. Patients of color trust doctors with the same background as them. And orthodontists from minority groups seem to understand their patients more as they take down more medical notes for each of their patients. For your better dental health, here are some of BLAC’s favorite Black dentists around Michigan.

Dr. Jana and Dr. Janelle McQueen

When Dr. Janelle McQueen was just a baby, in 1998, Dr. Jana McQueen just started her own practice. Following in her mother’s footsteps, the two now manage three McQueen Orthodontics Specialists locations in Metro Detroit, even going to the same college and dentistry school. At Howard University and Meharry Medical College, both dentists received honors degrees.

Dr. Kishawn Kole-James

In 2016, Dr. Kishawn Kole-James established a solo clinic in his hometown of Detroit after realizing the need for high-quality dental care there. He only became even more determined to give top-notch dental care when the clinic was completely damaged by fire. Driven by his commitment to serving the African American community, he became part of Detroit’s public health department as the dental director for three clinics at Detroit Community Health Connection. Today, Dr. Kole-James serves Detroit residents through Superior Orthodontics, his private practice.

Dr. Warren and Dr. Amira May Woodruff

After working for several years at another practice, Drs. Amira May and Warren E. Woodruff decided there was no place they’d rather open their own dental practice than West Bloomfield after graduating from the University of Michigan School of Dentistry. The couple says that it is a privilege to provide great dental care to the people of Michigan. The couple promises to deliver the best service possible in a caring and friendly environment. Every person who goes under their care gets the most recent methods and cutting-edge dental technology and an exceptional experience that they’ll recommend getting their dental care from these two doctors.

Dr. J. Victor Eagan and Dr. Javen Durham

Orthodontics was more than simply a hobby for Dr. J. Victor Eagan; it ran in his family. Dr. John Eagan, the first African American orthodontist in the state of Michigan and the third in the world, is the father of Dr. Victor. When he started working at his father’s practice at the age of 10, he said that already knew he wanted to become an orthodontist. Today, he’s running a private practice with his nephew, Dr. Javen Durham, in Southfield, Michigan. “We communicate to the world through our mouths. And when your mouth is beautiful, it creates an aura that you are together, that you are beautiful,” Dr. Victor writes on his website.

Dr. Aisha Akpabio

Headed by University of Michigan graduate Dr. Aisha Akpabio, this practice specializes in preventative care, general dentistry and restorative care. Dr. Akpabio left Michigan for New York, then California, when she became a dentist at 25 years old. After a few years, she decided to return to her hometown, and she started looking at ways to help her community and make a difference. “There weren’t a lot of options for good dentistry; meaning new equipment, teams that implement good training and customer service,” she told Detroit Means Business. “The moment I even thought about being in Detroit, the amount of support was overwhelming.”

Dr. Kalisha Morin

Dr. Kalisha Morin grew up in Holland, Michigan. Prior to going to dentistry school, she worked as a dental assistant at Holland Family Dentistry in her hometown, and that experience, coupled with the eagerness for her services from clients, became her inspiration. Today she practices as a dentist and serves people from the lakeshore area through the same dental clinic she worked in prior to becoming a doctor. At Dr. Morin’s clinic, you will be greeted by dental specialists that actually care about your health and are committed to giving each person who enters our outstanding medical care.

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