Bronzed N Glow Sets Up on the Avenue of Fashion

Bronzed N Glow
From left: Jamesha Lucas, Destiny Thomas. Photo by Justin Milhouse.

Those who’ve dared to venture into the natural hair care realm know it can be a jungle, blanketed in wasted money, once-used products and tears. Dry your eyes, because new this month to The Avenue of Fashion, Bronzed N Glow promises salvation.

More than a supply store, it’s a beauty experience that melds retail, education and technology, and aims to repair the cultural disconnect that exists between those who typically run these stores and the women who are actually patronizing them. 

Co-founder Destiny Thomas says of the current beauty supply store model, “There’s no one we can talk to, no type of guidance and there’s no educational component.” And so, co-founder Jamesha Lucas adds, “You find the problem, and then you want to solve it.”

Along with myriad hair care products for and by black women in a modern, sleek and airy space, Bronzed N Glow plans to partner with dermatologists, stylists and influencers to bring classes that teach hair braiding, children’s hair care, scalp health and the like. 

In the same vein, they’ll unveil a hair analyzer that evaluates strands and scalp conditions, checking for things like density and dryness, to help pinpoint the best products. “It just gives us a little bit more of an in-depth look. It adds that technology piece that then makes people a lot more comfortable with what products they chose,” Thomas says.


Join the official grand opening event on Oct. 19, and look out for skin care and other beauty products to be added to the mix in the months to follow. Lucas says, “It’s the environment that we deserve. It’s the shopping experience that we deserve.”

19327 Livernois Ave., Detroit

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