Talina Smith has opened the doors to D’Portier Beauty. It’s a first for West Bloomfield, Michigan; a distinguished full service luxury salon and spa that is black-woman owned for the niche community serving multicultural hair care necessities and experiences. In getting acquainted with this 20-year veteran‘s life, work, service and mission, we’ve learned that Smith’s journey is exceptional. Smith has always led a life of tenacious faith while disrupting the status quo in order to make her dreams come true. Anything less is foreign language to this woman who is not only an incomparable stylist and scientist, but a dedicated mother, wife, student of life and a force to be reckoned with. 

“ I truly don’t have a fear of anything. When someone tells me I can’t do something, I absolutely will do it. I know that if God is truly for me the odds never win and they have yet to.”

Talina Smith

B: Most imperatively before all titles and roles, Who is Talina? 

T: I am a visionary. I write everything down. God leads all I do.  I have led a life of manifestation and I live by scripture, Proverbs 29:18, which says A man without vision shall perish. Also, After learning about and watching The Secret, I knew I could accomplish anything I desired.

B: From where does the name of your company derive?

T: Well, my legal last name is actually Porter. I was raised by my grandmother and to be completely honest, I’ve always felt as though Porter was simply too boring as I would tell her. Coming up, I would emphasize Portier and have adopted it ever since.


B: Can you share your beginnings? What’s led you to this point in your life?

T: Prior to focusing on hair, I was a make- up artist. Makeup has always been my passion. When I moved to Atlanta, I worked with many hair stylists as a makeup artist for models. As time progressed, my work stood out and became pretty recognizable. I would style hair to help certain stylists at shows and other events. Ultimately, I would be recommended to do hair as well. The rest is history. 

B: How do you see your dreams realized? 

T: I know that if God is truly for me the odds never win and they have yet to. I believe wholeheartedly in vision boards. Everything I have put on my vision board has come to fruition including my cosmetic line, D’Portier Cosmetics and D’Portier Beauty. I’ve always believed in myself, yet I never saw the way in which the salon was coming to life.  

B: What are D’Portier Beauty’s services? What is your specialty?

T: I specialize in color, cut, healthy hair. We offer hair, make up, massages, facials, waxing, body sculpting, & teeth whitening.

B: What is your purpose and hopeful legacy?

T: I have always been inspired by a captivating message from Sarah Jakes. My purpose is to die empty. I will know that I have given my all. 

We applaud Smith for her journey thus far and are elated to celebrate this significant mark she’s making in history.

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