Dr. Kishawn Kole-James Provides the Superior Oral Care You Deserve

Dreaming of straighter teeth? Superior Orthodontics offers professional and personalized oral care that can give you a smile that will change your life.

Dr. Kishawn Kole-James


Dr. Kishawn Kole-James knows what it’s like to have crooked teeth.
He grew up with them. “People teased me
and I was sort of an introvert, so I hid my smile,” he says. When he did
laugh or smile, it would come out as a sort of grimace. “It (just) wasn’t
the smile God intended for me.”

But that all changed when he got braces. In fact, once he got his braces taken off, his confidence skyrocketed.  “I’ve been smiling ever since,” he says. His experience with braces changed his life and from that point on Dr. Kole-James, now a Doctor of Dental Surgery (DDS), wanted to give people the same gift, so he opened Superior Orthodontics.

This local practice, which has three
convenient locations in Detroit, Harper Woods and West Bloomfield, opened in
2017 and offers every aspect of orthodontic care from clear aligners, to gold
and white braces, to more traditional options.

And because Dr. Kole-James worked in general dentistry for eight
years prior to furthering his education in orthodontics – coupled with the fact
that every patient’s lab work is done in-house – he’s able to take on more
complex dental issues too. “Most orthodontists go straight to orthodontics
school from dental school,” he explains.


“Having that experience has allowed me to expand the scope of
what I offer to my patients.” In addition to this wide array of services,
Superior Orthodontics has an excellent and caring staff, beautiful and
comfortable facilities and the most state-of-the-art technology.

But what really makes this practice stand out is how they tailor
their oral care to the needs of each and every patient. “We customize every aspect of our patient’s care,” Dr.
Kole-James explains. “I’m asking questions and digging to find out who my
patients are as individuals.”

This includes asking each patient what he or she would change about
their teeth and how their smile impacts them day-to-day, in addition to
explaining the individual needs that should be taken care of from a medical

“I’m very high energy, I’m always running
around the clinics and really engaging with patients to find out who they are,
so I really get to know what they’re going through in life,” he adds. “When
the smile is done, they’re at a new point in life to further goals and be the
best them possible.”

And it’s not just orthodontic care that Dr. Kole-James offers either.
A partnership with fellow dentist Dr. Ronald Kitchen brings regular dental care
to the West Bloomfield location’s Superior Family Smiles. “It’s the dental
arm of the Superior brand where we offer general dental services, like hygiene
and implants. Any dental problems you have we can treat,” he says.

Think you might be ready to work on your smile? Dr. Kole-James says
you can call, fill out the contact form online or stop-by your community office
to set up an appointment for an evaluation or free consultation. Anyone as
young as seven years old can start working on their smile at Superior
Orthodontics, he adds. And no matter how old you are, you’re not too old.

“We see patients as early as seven and as old as 80 or 90,”
he explains. “You’re never too late to improve how you look, and a smile
is for a lifetime.”

To learn more about Superior Orthodontics and the services that they offer, visit them online at superiororthodontics.com.

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