Eating Green for the New Year in Metro Detroit

is your season-for losing holiday heft! And thankfully, gone are the days when eating "well" meant I'm-still-hangry afternoons. Ditch your calorie counter and just dive in to these four vegetarian meals that make eating green look good.

1. Golden Gate Vegetarian Cafe

Located inside Dr. Bob's colorful Innate Healing Arts Center just before Seven Mile Road, what this snug café lacks in space, it compensates with taste. Start with the Caribbean Curry Stir-fry, an assorted mix of island veggies in a coconut-curry sauce served over basmati rice. And don't forget to ask about their cooking classes every Wednesday.

2. Seva

It's easy to like Seva for the craft cocktails and raw juices, but you'll love them for the soy Tempeh Burger. It's got the chargrilled taste of real beef without the animals and, of course, the guilt. Add some Daiya dairy-free cheese and you've got a classic American-ish cheeseburger.

3. Detroit Vegan Soul

Putting the soul back into soul food, Detroit Vegan Soul serves 100-percent plant-based dishes without compromising on taste. Such as their "Catfish" Tofu-cornmeal-battered tofu with a broccoli-corn medley and redskin potatoes sautéed in olive oil.

4. Cacao Tree Café

Kick healthy up a notch to a dietary leap with this vegan and raw foods cafe. Feeling intimidated? Just ask for the Chicken-less Salad Wrap-tomatoes, red onions, mixed greens and "chicken" made from a medley of sunflower seeds, cashews, mustard and herbs. We promise, it's better than chicken.


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