Five Black Women To Follow As You Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Follow these women for motivation on your weight loss journey
Follow these women for motivation on your weight loss journey

We cannot deny that weight-loss is a journey not a destination. It can be very hard to start and even harder to maintain but if we can help you get motivated with people that lock and experience like your, it makes the journey a lot easier and feasible.

These ladies will inspire you to get stronger physically and mentally. Most importantly, you won’t feel like you’re on the journey alone. Here at BLAC, we’re here with you by compiling a list of the 5 Black women and female-led pages you should follow to kick start your weight-loss journey.

1A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss

First on the list is A Black Girl’s Guide to Weight Loss or also known as BGG2WL. Founded by Erika Nicole Kendall who is also known as Evil Fitness Barbie or The Fitness Fairy Godmother. Erika Nicole is very transparent on her journey on weight loss, where she revealed that at first it was to appease her mother. She never realized how her mother’s gentle prodding would alter her life. 

She admitted that while she went through ups and downs while losing weight, she was able to do it by leading a healthy lifestyle rather than just dieting.

If you look around her site a bit more, you’ll discover that she provides a number of options for dieting, including a section called Erika’s Kitchen, which has been shown to be effective in reducing weight through several means.

You can see more of her travel images and interact with her through her Instagram account, which has over 8400 followers.


@jessicancreate Replying to @litlmisssunshine here’s what I ate today sis! I eat this pretty often, will do more of these ❤️ #whatieatinadayweightloss #weightlossfood #weightlossmotivation #blackwomenweightloss ♬ original sound – Jess | Dancing the Pounds Off

If you’re a person that’s into dancing, then JessiCanCreate is also one to follow in your weight loss journey. In her website blog, JessiCanCreate you can see how she shares her journey to weight loss through dancing. 

Aside from her website, she is also known in TikTok as Jess| Dancing the Pound Off with over 50,000 followers where she shares that she started her journey in January 2021. 

If you want to further look at her journey, you can also follow her on YouTube where she shares her dancing videos as she “dances the pounds off”. 

3Black Women Losing Weight

A Black female-led community to consider adding on your follow list is the Black Women Losing Weight. With over 520,000 followers on Instagram, it cannot be denied that their blog has been successful in motivating fellow black women in their weight loss journey. 

As a blog who promotes monthly weight loss and health challenges, they motivate fellow black women to share their journey with them.

Overall, Black Weight Loss Success offers straightforward guidance, tips, and meal plans to assist you in achieving your weight loss objectives and establishing a healthy lifestyle. We also share daily and monthly challenges and inspirational stories.

4Lose it with Precious 

@preciiious_ Plate dinner with me #fyp #caloriedeficit #dinner ♬ original sound – P?recious

If you’re on TikTok, one of the people that you should follow in your weight loss journey is Lose it with Precious. With over 7000 followers, she shares her weight loss journey through this short video platform such as thinks that she eats in a day.

Currently, she is also selling her E-book provides tips and information on how she lost weight over 36 kg. You may access it through her website

5Black Girls Run 

Last on the list is the Black Girls Run, As the name implies, “Black Girls Run” aims to inspire and empower black women to lead healthier lives. Founded by Jay Ell Alexander, who shared that BGR is where runners of all experience levels are welcome, since the group was established to combat the rising obesity rate among African-Americans by supporting and empowering its members.

As you go into their Instagram, you can really see  that their mission is to be a go-to resource for runners and gym rats in need of motivation, advice, and analysis on how to get and stay fit. 

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