Living an active, healthy lifestyle has never been more in style, and a lot of that is due to the rise of the fitness influencer.

Social media — and Instagram in particular — has made it easier than ever to find workout ideas and training tips, but for every influencer sharing genuinely good advice, there are tons more who don’t know what they’re talking about and simply grew their following because they have a banging body.

There’s a real difference between someone with an apple bottom, abs of steel, and popping biceps who simply posts selfies from the gym, and someone who actually shares science-backed evidence, genuinely good workouts, and motivational advice.

Here are the 5 of our favorite fitness coaches to follow in Detroit.

@synergyworksdetroit with Coach Jewels, a motivator and extreme coach who makes you leave sweat on the floor.

@shesgotitfitness with Reva Marie Germain who provides the whole package from meal preps to online workouts

@shanefitness101, with Shane McMullen a Certified Personal Trainer/Nutritionist. Group Fitness Instructor at the Sweatfactory_fitness

@cp_the_trainer with personal trainer Colin Parks

@kratosfpg with Clarence Gleton who makes working out simple.

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