It’s not uncommon for Black women to feel unheard by doctors when it comes to reproductive health. The need for a safe space to overcome womb trauma is what inspired the owners of The Sacred Lounge to open up shop in Southfield. This luxury lounge offers yoni steaming—the ultimate practice in women’s self-care, according to the owners. Yoni is Sanskrit language for ‘womb’ but is commonly used to refer to the vagina.

“A few months back I was hospitalized and I remember being so nervous because I didn’t see a lot of Black faces,” Co-owner Chelsea Walker explained. “The second I saw a Black nurse I felt more at peace. When you think about something like womb health, it’s important to see yourself represented. You get that sense of familial love [at the lounge] before you even enter the space.”

The Sacred Lounge is owned by three Black women; La’Shanta “Tae” Mitchell, Dia’Mon Young, and Chelsea Walker opened the lounge in July of 2021. Yoni steaming is a holistic practice where herbs are used to cleanse the vagina and restore PH balance. 

“Healing starts with our womb,” Mitchell said. “We want women to feel comfortable in their own skin and safe enough to talk about issues they may be having without feeling judged.”

“We want women to feel comfortable in their own skin and safe enough to talk about issues they may be having without feeling judged.”

La’Shanta “Tae” Mitchell

After dealing with intense menstrual cramps and recurring bacterial vaginosis, Mitchell set out to find a natural remedy and discovered yoni steaming. She has been doing them at home for three years and said she immediately noticed a difference and wanted to spread the word to other women. The Sacred Lounge was born from another business owned by Mitchell and Walker called Flowing Never Forcing where the pair sells crystals and yoni steaming herbs. They also host yoga and meditation classes. 


While vaginal steaming hasn’t been medically proven to cure issues like BV and menstrual cramps, Mitchell said many clients have reported that it relieves their symptoms. She said it’s also a tool to help women overcome things like fibroids and ovarian cysts. Beyond its purported health benefits, Mitchell also sees yoni steaming as a form of meditation that actively promotes self-love. 

“I think more Black women should take the initiative to learn more about holistic healing so they can free their minds, bodies, and spirits,” she said. “We come from a lot of trauma as Black people in general and this is something that can help in the process of healing and loving yourself.”

Find the Sacred Lounge at 17727 W 10 Mile Rd Fl 3, Southfield, MI 48075

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