iShallBe Motivational App Offers Daily Affirmations

We all need a daily pick-me-up, something affirming. As positive as social media can be, it can easily take a downturn. This dichotomy was part of the inspiration for Shelby Tinsley’s free affirmation app, fittingly called iShallBe. It’s not only a play on her name, it’s also a tribute to her aunt, who declared prophetically, “She shall be what she puts her mind to.”

Tinsley, a Detroit native, answered that call by earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology from Florida A&M University, followed by a master’s degree in industrial and organizational psychology.

Unfortunately, she struggled for a while finding a job, even with the credentials behind her. She could have used some daily affirmation to get her through those dark days. Out of that experience, an idea was formed: iShallBe. She didn’t have a tech background, but she was driven to make it a reality.

“I needed those affirmations to get me through the day, but also to be reminded there were going to be challenges down the road,” Tinsley says. According to its website, the app “provides a daily affirmation to uplift users through quotes, music, and videos.”

Tinsley adds that the app can serve as your “accountability partner to stay motivated throughout the week.” With Motivational Mondays, Tuesday song quotes and more, the app serves to reinforce the positive.


“We’re faced with so many obstacles, we don’t necessarily know how to perform without being judged,” she says. “It’s reminding us: don’t be afraid to allow your life to shine.”

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