LeBron Launches Nutrition Brand

Ladder boasts that they don’t take the shortcut

LeBron James (left) and his trainer Mike Mancias (right) created Ladder to ensure clean and safe nutritional supplements for athletes and health enthusiasts. Photo courtesy of Ladder.

LeBron James’ new nutritional supplement brand, Ladder, is promising that they don’t take the shortcut. They’re assuring their customers that none of the banned substances in professional sports ever makes it into their products. “Ladder is NSF Certified for Sport,” the brand states on its Instagram page. The NSF, formerly the National Sanitation Foundation, is an independent body that certifies food safety above what is the baseline for the FDA. “Certified for Sport means our products does not contain any of the 270+ banned substances. This requires rigorous and costly testing. Less than 1% of products qualify for the NSF Certified for Sport,” Ladder explains. The appeal of Ladder and similar brands comes from the peace of mind it provides professional athletes and health enthusiasts. “The supplement industry has been tainted for professional athletes across numerous vertices due to contamination in products that could cause failed drug tests and subsequent major issues with governing bodies and athletic commissions,” a Forbes report states. Ladder adds that even the NFL requires that all food supplements are NSF Certified for Sport. “Other brands take the shortcut. We don’t,” the brand proudly proclaims.

LeBron James photographed with Ladder merchandise during a game with the Lakers. Photo courtesy of Ladder.

Ladder started off with LeBron’s dissatisfaction of the available nutritional supplements in the market. “During Game 1 of the 2014 NBA Finals, LeBron James experienced muscle cramps in one of the biggest moments of his career,” the brand states on its website. “Dedicated to never having his body fail him again, LeBron partnered with his long-time trainer Mike Mancias to retool his nutrition and fitness regimen with a focus on supplements to fit his performance needs. After finding a lack of products that were both clean and effective, they decided to make their own.” Currently, they offer several protein powders, hydration powders, and other nutritional mixes that athletes can mix with water, turn into a smoothie, or add onto simple recipes.

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