Men’s Grooming in Detroit More Than a Trend

isten up, gents! Men around the world have begun to take their personal grooming regimen seriously. How serious? SO serious. In fact, as the founder of The Social Club Grooming Company I've seen firsthand that the men's grooming market is on fire. More men are starting to embrace a new standard of grooming that goes beyond haircuts to encompass your whole look. And I mean your whole look, from head to toe, from your buttons to your body.

That's right! We are poised to become Generation Y-don't-you-hit-the-gym and Generation Y-don't-you-pair-this-with-that. And The Social Club Grooming Company is right at the forefront of the movement.

I know what you're thinking: that level of grooming is for girls! It was only for girls, but now it's for the greater good. Consumer trend advisors like proudly report, "beauty is no longer solely the preserve of a female audience." That means the blurring of gender roles have liberated a new generation of women and men to fully embrace taking pride in how they present themselves.

At our barbershop, we see men of all ages, races and backgrounds on a daily basis. We're growing at a rate of 11 percent month after month, which accounts for about 120 new customers each month.

Today's discerning male consumer understands that he has choices and isn't shy about taking advantage of these emerging experiences that offer men a chance to be properly primped.


Nevertheless, the haircut is only half of the story when it comes to being a well-groomed gent. And it's here, my Detroit gents, where I am especially talking to you. 1701 Bespoke tailor Nelson T. Sanders Jr., one of the most well groomed men I know, says it best: grooming is something that starts well before a haircut. "I'd say it starts with confidence, caring, and an awareness of why it is important to be well-groomed. From there, maintaining everything from your hair, skin (using the proper facial and body washes), hands/feet, oral hygiene, and then clothing."

It is my belief that being well groomed starts from within. As Black man, this means grooming our bodies and our minds, making a conscious effort to better our diets and our dispositions, and most importantly, passing along what we've learned and how we've evolved to the next generation of men of all colors.

This is the focus of our ShopTalk public discussions every third Thursday of the month at the Social Club, and we invite anyone to come join in on the movement. Keeping in mind, as we continue to groom a new generation of Detroiters, the city will never go out of style.

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