Earlier this year, BLAC published a list of four Black sexologists that offer the best sex advice. It was one of our most popular posts because we know that Black sex educators are, and always have been, on the front lines of the sexual freedom. These women and men do important work and finding innovative ways to promote conversation on sex positivity, queer liberation, and trans rights. Yet the most visible faces in sex education are overwhelmingly white and male. BLAC came back to bring you yet more amazing Black influencers whose work we admire and want to share to bring out the freak in you. In this list, you’ll find coaches, authors, healers, podcasters and some Christiantiy. You’ll find people focusing their work on polyamory, kink, disability rights, queer issues. And just maybe, you’ll find the book, post, coaching program, or couples therapy you’ve been needing to make your sex life that much better.  BLAC presents our list of nine sex influencers to follow.


Who she is: An internationally recognized Tantric Healing Expert, ACS Certified Sexologist, and Certified Tantric Healer; Founder of The Institute of Authentic Tantra Education

Her work is aimed at: Devi’s own experiences of racism and childhood trauma drove her to develop her systems of holistic sexual healing for people from all walks of life who want spiritually-informed healing for their own sexuality and capacity for pleasure.

Why follow her: She’s made it her life’s work to empower people through healing and spiritual growth. If you want a soulful approach to sexuality from someone intensively trained in Tibetan Buddhism, you’ll find plenty of ways to enjoy her work– her book, her podcasts, private coaching, or workshops. 


Who she is: Christian Sexologist, Speaker, Licensed Social Worker, founder of The Intimacy Firm, an intimacy coaching and sex(uality) education organization

Her work is aimed at: Brittany works with singles and couples, and both youth and adults to bring sex-positive education and relationship counseling to people seeking to experience healthy sexuality in a Christian context.

Why follow her: Her work at the intersection of Christian faith, sexuality, and relationships offers a sympathetic understanding for people who are struggling to reconcile their religious upbringing with their body image, relationships, and experience of sex. She offers one-on-one counseling sessions for singles and couples, and we love the concept of her “Daring Discussions” game show presentation. She’s also editing the second volume of an anthology called My Vulva and Me: The Anthology that’s by and for Black women.


Who she is: Sexologist, Emotional Literacy Expert, workshop facilitator, authority on Human Sexuality

Her work is aimed at: Frenchie combines her love and expertise of social services,. education, and pop-culture to Entertain, Educate and Enhance the emotional and sexual health of the African-American community.

Why follow her: Frenchie makes sex education engaging. Her social media, website content and workshops not just workshops, but fitness heated conversations designed to open up the doors of conversation about your sexual health. Her t-shirt line is mouth-dropping af and sure to start conversations. Got an opinion about sexual relationships? Engage with her on her social media platforms.


Who she is: Coach and event producer who offers workshops, parties, and one-on-one sessions aimed at helping women reconnect with their divine sexuality and put some OOOMPH back in their lives.

Her work is aimed at: Davia primarily works with women who want to explore and boost their sensuality and learn new sex and relationship skills. Her workshops are fun and exciting, including erotic dance and re-kindling flames with a partner, and she offers party packages for brides-to-be as well.

Why follow her: Whether she’s touring with the erotic conversation event Cocktails & Condoms, teaching at Chicago’s Pleasure Chest adult store, or giving you the bachelorette party of your dreams, Davia brings in that spark of fun and fantasy that spices up your self-improvement. Sometimes, you need to do heavy work around sexuality, and sometimes, you need to reconnect with the glamour and breathlessness of being and feeling pure sexy.


Who she is: Ethical non-monogamy (ENM) coach, educator, and speaker; creator of “Today’s Polyamory Reminder” and subject of the documentary Poly-Love

Her work is aimed at: Evita works with individuals and couples who identify as non-monogamous or polyamorous, especially those who are looking to make the transition out of monogamy. Some of her work lies specifically at the intersection of being Black and non-monogamous.

Why follow her: If you’re emerging into an ENM lifestyle, finding good guidance to navigate the hard parts of that transition can really make the difference between thriving and giving up. Seeking Black expertise in the world of polyamory is important as well– it’s a culture where white voices too often dominate despite the available expertise of people like Evita. She’s queer, body-positive, and a mom, so her work might very well speak to your life and experiences– especially when you see her experiences in Poly-Love.


Who she is: Licensed psychotherapist, speaker, trainer, podcaster

Her work is aimed at: Shadeen helps people from all walks of life who want to heal their relationships or sexuality, work on their emotional intelligence, and build their skills within a social justice framework.

Why follow her: If her compassionate and thoughtful About page doesn’t get you choked up and feeling deeply understood already, you’ll at least love her confessions about wanting to be one of the X-Men! It’s clear that anyone needing sex therapy or couples counseling will feel safe and supported in her hands– and if you don’t need therapy right now, there’s still a wealth of life-changing information in her podcasts and library of articles for many well-known publications, plus her frequent workshops and presentations.


Who she is: Author and sex coach, creator of the O’Mama program for sexual reconnection and reinvigoration

Her work is aimed at: Tamica focuses much of her work on mothers who feel disconnected from their bodies and libidos, helping them to heal from the birthing process and reclaim their ability to feel desire and achieve orgasm.

Why follow her: The Orgasmic Mama’s energized, enthusiastic style is empowering and inspiring and her focus on mothers and their common sexual struggles is an important but underserved niche. She’s also distilled her wisdom as a somatic sex coach into a book, Wild Honey, that aims to “get you out of your head and into your body”– something most of us could benefit from trying!


Who she is: Founder of the Atlanta Institute of Tantra, host of the “Fix Your Sex” podcast, sex doula, somatic bodyworker, and sacred sex worker.

Her work is aimed at: Amina works with all genders but specializes in helping women heal from sexual trauma, guilt, and fear, using bodywork-based methods to help people heal body image and self-esteem, and to recover from abuse. Especially good for people looking for a deeply soul-based, spiritual approach to sexuality and healing.

Why follow her: She has a background in fitness, health, and massage that give her true expertise in the body-mind-spirit connection. If you’re looking to explore the divine feminine/masculine, sex magic, and methods for healing sexuality that are grounded in the body, she may be able to help you in ways that more cerebral educators can’t. And if you’re looking to get involved in sacred sex work, her institute can train you.


Who she is: Sexologist, speaker, author, therapist

Her work is aimed at: While she works with people from all walks of life, Shamyra specializes in working with queer people, trans people, polyamorous people, kinky people, and anyone who struggles with gender identity or sexual orientation. She offers individual and couples therapy in addition to her other teaching work.

Why follow her: She was named one of the Most Influential Dating Experts in 2019, and you can build your intimacy communication skills with her book, Use Your Mouth: Pocket-sized Conversations to Simply Increase 7 Types of Intimacy in and out of the Bedroom or her deck of Use Your Mouth Sex and Relationship Conversation starter cards. She’s got a warm and approachable air and takes care to ensure that her marginalized clientele feel safe and supported in their identities.

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