No one enters a marriage expecting a lack of intimacy. However, according to a source by YourTango, 25% to 50% of Americans in relationships reportedly experience just that – a sexless marriage. If this is your current situation, remember that you are not alone, and there are ways to restore your physical connection as a couple. Let’s explore ten expert tips designed to help you revive the spark in your relationship.

Assessing & Committing to Change

First, evaluate whether both partners want to reclaim an intimate connection. Establish open communication by discussing your relationship’s future, possible changes, and foremost, commitment.

Relationship Detoxification

Identify the root causes that have drifted you apart – resentment, external factors, or harmful events. Through self-reflection or professional therapy, address the issues, and detox your relationship for a fresh start.

Kindness & Love: The Foundation for Intimacy

Cultivate an environment of love, understanding, and appreciation. Small acts of kindness – a loving gesture, extra help around the house, or words of appreciation – create a strong foundation for rekindling desire.

Rekindling Physical Connection through Massage

Touch is a powerful tool for reconquering affection. Break barriers by exchanging soothing massages with your partner – nurturing trust, communication, and pleasure.

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The Loving Embrace: Power of Cuddling

Delve into the healing force of cuddling. Integrate full-body skin-to-skin contact into your routine to stimulate the release of oxytocin, the love hormone, fostering happiness and trust.

Unlocking Your Erotic Fantasies

Reignite your inner eroticism by engaging in self-discovery. Allow yourself to fantasize, ultimately understanding and embracing your sexual desires.

Sharing Desires with Your Partner

Discuss your desires with your partner, opening the door to understanding and exploration. Mapping out your physical wants is essential in satisfying both partners’ needs.

Setting Erotic Goals

Believe it or not, goal-setting can fortify your intimate relationship. Establish specific goals, assess your progress, and refocus your priorities to maintain a thriving sex life.

Exploring Desires through ‘The Three-Minute Game’

Play a game of requesting and delivering pleasure. With a timer, alternate roles and communicate your desires, fostering stronger intimacy and trust between you and your partner.

Celebrating Progress

Acknowledge and celebrate the improvements in your relationship. Recognize the steps taken toward a richer intimate bond and show appreciation for one another’s commitment.

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