Terrence Thompson Helps Detroiters Network and Get Fit

n April 2012, Terrence Thompson was having Sunday brunch with some friends at a Greektown restaurant when a discussion began about starting a running group. Days later, he charted out a course along the Detroit RiverWalk with Shawn Blanchard and Armon Harris, scheduled the first workout and invited a few people. Thirty people came to the first meetup.

"People enjoyed the experience and invited their friends and family," says Thompson, 34. "We never did any marketing or advertising. People came out and invited more people."

The numbers doubled, tripled and quadrupled, and now nearly 400 people run, walk or jog with Run This Town at 6 p.m. Tuesdays and 10 a.m. Saturdays at Rivard Plaza on the Detroit RiverWalk.

Before workouts begin, people spend about 25 minutes getting to know one another, so Thompson and his partners also created networkingout, which encourages Detroit professionals to mingle.

The results have been phenomenal, with about 150 people losing at least 15 pounds, and many shedding more than 50 pounds. People report lower blood pressure and getting off medication. Everybody's welcome, no matter what shape they're in.


"We have people who have 3-4 percent body fat and people who have tried out for 'The Biggest Loser,'" he says. "They are working out together and do the same movements. It's OK to take a knee; we just emphasize that everyone give their personal best and improve their fitness level."

For more information on Run This Town and Networking Out visit their Facebook page or call 313-312-0655.

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