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areer-driven people know that building a name takes some hard work, determination and sacrifice. It often means long nights away from the family, rough mornings, relocations and embracing change. And if you’re driven to help others, you have another level of work to put in. It’s a lot, but in the end, when you wind up in your dream job, it’s all worth it.

Just ask Dr. Anthony Tedeschi of the Detroit Medical Center. He built his career as a family physician with the goal of helping others and ended up in the chief operating officer position at one of the nation’s largest public health systems, based in Chicago.

And while this could have been the end game for someone in the medical field, it was far from it for Dr. Tedeschi. He was so moved by the passion and level of care at the Detroit Medical Center that when the chief executive officer position opened up here, he jumped at the opportunity. And, when he landed it back in January, he found that he needed to make the move from the Windy City to the Motor City.

So who is Dr. Anthony Tedeschi, what has he been up to in the last six months – and what can we expect from the top dog of the DMC?

Making the transition

For most family men, making a move around a big lake and across an entire state might be a bit tough, but not for this father of three. Dr. Tedeschi’s sons, A.J., Joey and Tommy, are all grown up and building lives for themselves in New York and Nashville. So, with the support of his wife Dee Dee, who’s an art teacher, the transition to Detroit life has been a smooth one. 


“Detroit is an incredibly vibrant city. Being here and having an opportunity to be a part of the resurgence of the city has been amazing,” he says. “The people have been warm and welcoming.”

Since moving, he’s had plenty of opportunities to explore the city and has even assimilated enough to admit that he’s started rooting for the home team – a very real requirement to calling yourself a “true Detroiter.”

“Detroit sports have been among my favorite activities,” he says. “As a lifelong St. Louis Cardinals fan, I have to say the Tigers are fast becoming my favorite team.”

He’s even had the chance to find a few of the city’s gems and delve into some of its unique and delicious eats.  

“The food here has been outstanding,” he notes. “In terms of favorites, Slows has a sandwich called ‘The Reason’ that is hard to beat.”

Meeting the Challenge

But it hasn’t been solely fun, games and snacking. The DMC is a large entity, and to run it takes just as large of an effort.

“DMC is a complex organization with a number of critical partnerships. I have enjoyed the opportunity to spend time with these partners learning how we can work together to better serve our communities,” Dr. Tedeschi says.

One of the largest difficulties he’s faced, however, doesn’t come from the DMC – it comes from the U.S. health care system as a whole.

“Health care is a challenging industry today,” he says. “One of the most significant challenges we face is a shift in reimbursement as the industry moves from fee-for-service to fee-for-value. But I believe that it is the right time for this shift, and am excited about being a part of the transition.”

The DMC difference

Despite the difficulties surrounding changes that need to be made within DMC, Dr. Tedeschi has already proven he’s got the guts and drive to manage the job.

Since Dr. Tedeschi took on this position, some of the DMC’s locations have been recognized for the above-and-beyond services they provide. 

These include Harper Hospital, which has been recognized as one of this year’s best hospital for diabetes and endocrinology, neurology and neurosurgery, gastroenterology and gastrointestinal surgery and nephrology by U.S. News & World Report. In addition, Harper has been ranked as the fourth best overall hospital in Michigan and the third best in southeast Michigan. Children’s Hospital of Michigan has been ranked among the nation’s top hospitals in seven pediatric specialties, and both Huron Valley-Sinai and Sinai-Grace hospitals have been ranked regionally, too.

“DMC is a community of caregivers dedicated to doing what is right for our patients and our communities,” Dr. Tedeschi explains. “I am impressed by our team’s dedication and fortitude and inspired by the good work achieved here every day. We aspire to be the very best in all we do for our patients and communities.”

Looking toward the future

Even with all of the positive strides and accolades, the doc still has some major plans for the DMC’s upcoming years – with the end goal providing top-of-the-line affordable care for all of its patients.

This includes embracing The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Quadruple Aim.

“The Institute for Healthcare Improvement’s Quadruple Aim is an industry-wide compass – and one that highlights how I think about the work that we need to do at DMC,” he says.

Once enacted, this initiative’s goal is to help to enhance patient experience, improve population health and the worklife of health care providers (including clinicians and staff) and reduce costs for patients.

Outside of that, Dr. Tedeschi aims to continue building a legacy.

“I am eager to lead the DMC in its next chapter and build upon its successes while continuing to strengthen our critical service lines and deepen our integration with the medical community at large,” he says. “Our goal at the DMC is to be the best in all that we do.” 

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