The Medicine Mug Gives a Nod and to Our Health Care Workers

The Medicine Mug

It takes a certain kind of mind to see a mundane everyday item and find inspiration. The kind of mind that gets you through medical school. Senior dermatology student and native eastsider Zoë Indigo Smith explains, “Medicine is an amazing field, but studying it at times can be daunting drudgery. The slightest bit of customization can keep you that much more motivated.

“My coffee cup is always by my side and the first thing I reach for in the morning, but when I looked down at my bland mug, I really wanted more motivation.” The Medicine Mug was Smith’s solution, a white ceramic mug with a gold handle sculpted to resemble the Rod of Asclepius, a symbol of healing and safety in Greek mythology.

“I chose the mug instead of a T-shirt because I wanted something where I could merge my creativity with pride in my field. Our mugs are tangible symbols of determination and inspiration for those who hear the call to medicine,” Smith says. Her brand also designs customizable drinkware gifts for the med or veterinary student in your life – or just anyone who really, really loves mugs.

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