The Wellness Plan Medical Centers’ Family Fun Days Offer Health Screenings and School Supplies

We could all stand to have a little fun and be a little healthier.

We all need to be more health-conscious. That's a familiar mantra but often, good health doesn't seem very fun. The Wellness Plan Medical Centers are working to change that perception with another year of Family Fun Days. The Detroit-based events – spread over four dates and four locales, with two left on the calendar – provide health screenings, immunizations, sports physicals, school supplies, refreshments and activities free of charge.

Chief Medical Officer Dr. Tiffany Sanford says that the main focus of Family Fun Days is to assist the underinsured and uninsured, a demographic that "we feel passionately about doing what we can to provide resources" for, she says. "Our Family Fun Days are an important opportunity to offer health screenings, physicals and immunizations to those who would not have otherwise sought out care."

It's also an opportunity to give students a jumpstart before the school year officially begins by offering not just health screenings but also school supplies, including notebooks and backpacks – "all of which are necessary for students as they head into the school year," Sanford says. From Sanford's perspective, it's never too early to start. "Taking precautions in the summer will help keep us all healthy during the colder months where our immunity is not as strong," she says.

Aug. 18

10 a.m. – 2 p.m., Gateway Medical Center, 2888 W. Grand Boulevard, Detroit


Sept. 8

10 a.m. – 2 p.m., East Medical Center, 4909 E. Outer Drive, Detroit

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