These Black Sexologists Offer The Best Advice

We, at BLAC have gathered some of the Top Black sex therapists and educators who offer the best sexual advice.

Pleasure is a Healthy Part of Sex:
Pleasure is a Healthy Part of Sex:

Having hard conversations about your sex life or lack of can be a difficult topic to begin with your partner, family and even friends. As Black men and women, we have trauma associated with our pleasure points and there are times when we need someone that can relate to that trauma to talk things over to come to a happy ending. It is times like this that we advocate for Black Sexologists that especially tend to the needs of us for us getting us to move as our highest selves sexually. We, at BLAC have gathered some of the top Black sex therapists and educators who offer the best sexual advice.

1. Syre Saniyah

Syre is a Detroit-based psychologist who specializes in working with those who are often disadvantaged in society and those underrepresented in the advocacy for mental and sexual health. He identifies as a Black, queer, gender-expansive, kinky therapist with a flair for relational anarchist principles. Syre works with individuals, couples, and groups. He is a supporter of pleasure and is committed to encouraging others to reclaim their sexual freedom. He has a lot of expertise dealing with LGBTQA+ individuals, particularly people of color.

2. Jessica Ross

Jessica is a therapist who provides consultations, sex education, retreats, professional training, nutrition, mental health treatment, and trauma-informed yoga services. She owns her own clinic J.R. Counseling headquartered in Michigan. In 2020, she started a small series of videos titled “Sex Ed for Adults” where she talks with experts in various fields to talk about sex. As a testament to her advocacy of eradicating the taboo on the subject, she spoke with a reverend for her first episode in sex education. What could be more taboo than talking about sex and religion at the same time? For Jessica, it’s just the first step to a healthier conversation around pleasure.

3. Erika Hart

Erika Hart is an educator, who earned her master’s degree in human sexuality from Widener University, and is a breast cancer survivor. One of her most compelling works includes an interview with Allure magazine where she talks about feeling sexy without nipples, a condition brought about by her double mastectomy surgery. Since Instagram community policies only censor female breasts when the nipples are visible, her body positivity photographs are inspiring, sexy and political. She’s on a mission to make women feel good about their bodies and feel good about their own pleasure.

4. Tyomi Morgan

Tyomi Morgan is a certified sexologist and pleasure coach who runs a YouTube channel and travels the world offering demonstrations and educational content designed to make women especially feel comfortable when getting busy. Want to try something new in the bedroom, she suggests using sex furniture? “Sex furniture is typically utilized by Black women for support in positioning and to create a deeper comfort,” says Morgan.“Women who use Sex furniture are pleasure forward and focus on having the most satisfying experiences possible.” You will surely find something for Tyomi’s many how-to videos. The videos can be a bit risqué but they are so info-packed that you’ll surely finish a video more enlightened than when you pressed play.

5. Dr. Donna Oriowo

Nigerian-American therapist Dr. Donna Oriowo specializes in the sexual and mental health of Black women. And she has the academic credentials to support it, holding a dual masters in social work and education for human sexuality as well as a doctorate. She believes that race and racism have a significant impact on one’s sense of self, mental health and sexual health. Visit her Instagram page for a daily dose of inspiring messages designed to help you appreciate your body and your skin.

Joshua Andrei Bon contributed to the research of this article. Read MORE on these topics of Sex Here.

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