This new app brings fitness to your fingertips

illiam McCray had his first set of weights by age 13, and he’s had a passion for physical fitness ever since. He’s been a certified personal trainer for nine years.

McCray has his own personal training business, Willpower Fitness Group, and is releasing his mobile app, Slot Fit, this month.

The idea for the app came to him one night at the casino.

“I was randomly sitting at the slot machine and a light bulb went off in my head,” McCray says.

Just like an actual slot machine that has reels showing different combinations of symbols, Slot Fit has on-screen “reels” that spin with different combinations of exercises.


Slot Fit – which is free to download, FYI – includes a pool of hundreds of different exercises that are selected randomly, where one would perform a short circuit based on the slot selection of exercises.

“I tried to make fitness more effective for people – more fun, more unique,” he says.

Slot Fit releases this month. Find Willpower Fitness Group at

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