Top 5 Black Herbalists Thriving in Health-Tok 

So if you’re into nontoxic healing abilities or just want to know more about recipes that follow herbalism practices, these are the Top 5 Black Herbalists that you must consider following. 

Top five Black herbalists thriving on Health-Tok

With Tiktok just a tap away, it is now the go-to app for any question that about anything you can think about. And with the numerous trends that are going on, a lot of influencers are paving their way on the social media platform, including the a thriving breed of herbalists. So if you’re into nontoxic healing methods or just want to know more about recipes that follow herbalism practices, these are the top five Black herbalists that you must consider following.

1. Brooklyn Guillebeau 

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Brooklyn Guillebeau, better known as @beeandteesbotanicals on TikTok, is first on the list. Brooklyn and Toni, who have over 73,000 followers on TikTok, are on a mission to bring about profound, internal healing. They believe that the only way to overcome trauma is to focus inward and then gradually expand outward.

If you check out their TikTok page, you’ll see that they post videos about the significance of tending to one’s inner healing, as well as guides for anyone interested in creating their own Herbal Remedies through their DIY Herbal Remedies.

Brooklyn and Toni not only has a TikTok presence, but also sells various products online, like a healing skin salve, a blood cleansing tincture, and many more. All of Brooklyn and Toni’s products are crafted from the highest quality organic and all-natural components sourced from the earth.

2. Sultana Nailor

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Then there’s Sultana Nailor, also called the “Queen of Herbs.” On top of being a TikTok creator, Nailor is also a master certified herbalist and a naturopathic practitioner. As a herbalist, she is committed to the use of earth’s bounty in restoring physical and mental health.

Her TikTok profile @thequeenofherbs, which has garnered over 41,000 followers, is filled with helpful advice about using herbs. Her “Herb of the Day” content is one example of the kind of content she creates. In addition to sharing her knowledge on TikTok, the herbalist also maintains a website where she sells a variety of herbs and remedies.

She also offers an option where one can tailor their own certified organic herbs and herbal treatments, all of which are free of chemicals and toxins, from her website.

3. Morgan Dvanzo

@prettyandrelaxed 7 herbs that every woman should know about ???? #femaleherbs #vaginalherbs #vsteaming #herbeducation ♬ Ciara’s Prayer – Summer Walker & Ciara

With a mission to empower Black, indigenous, and people of color (BIPOC) women, Morgan Dvanzo also known as @prettybrownfarmer is a TikTok herbalist content creator with 6,800 follower. She aims to connect with her viewers through her love of herbs and planting. 

One of her most watched TikTok videos is her sharing seven herbs that every woman should know about which amassed around 64 thousand views. Aside from being a TikTok herbalist content creator, Morgan expands her knowledge in herbs and farming by attending farm school.

Currently, she is expanding her organization in Atlanta where she aims to educate hands-on classes at a community garden, where women will be able to learn how to prepare, grow, and sustain their own plants in any urban environment.

4. Jennifer West


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Next up comes TikTok creator Jennifer West, aka @plantmamaalchemy. Jennifer is a clinical hypnotherapist, community herbalist, and wholistic wellness practitioner who is passionate about the power of purpose and wholeness in creating a life that is a true reflection of who you are.

If you check out her TikTok profile, you’ll notice that she documents her experiences growing herbs and running her Plant Mama Seedings Garden Club through short films. In addition to selling her products and herbs online, Jennifer also encourages everyone to join her in promoting Black health by way of her Wholistic Alchemist Community Practitioner program.

5. Brianna Cherniak 


cocoa + shea body butter infused with red clover blossoms ?

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Last on the list, Brianna Cherniak, also known as @opulentbria on TikTok with 84 thousand followers, Brianna aims to provide the community the knowledge and tools to reclaim health and take one’s well-being back into their own hands. 

Brianna loves to make content related to the process of skin aging, collagen production. She mostly educates her viewers on what herbs could be of help for your body. Currently, she has her own herbal apothecary named Moss Medicine where she offers her products that aims to provide the highest quality to support in your herbal journey.

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