Weird Weather and What to Wear

sign of global warming, perhaps, or is it just another instance where we can divert back to our usual excuse and say, “This is Michigan.”

Whatever answer you conjure up, the point is that perhaps the groundhog did see his shadow after all and spring, or should I say summer came early this year.

This time last year, we weren’t exactly scrambling for the shovels, however, we weren’t scrambling to American Apparel for shorts to cope with 80 degree in the middle of March either. 

When it came to shopping habits, consumers who were trapped by the confines of the workweek weren’t able to make that quick jaunt to the mall to buy shorts during the heat wave.

They had to wait until the weekend only to hear that the following week, temperatures would drop back down to the 50s and 40s! But that still didn’t stop them from throwing on those shorts and tank tops with flip-flops for those two or three days.


Fashionably speaking, if this peculiar period of heat were to forecast anything, it would be to go ahead and continue pulling out the summer clothes, because at the very least, you could begin putting a direction on how you’re going to get dressed in the months to come.

True, the heat wave has subsided and temperatures have dropped to a level where we consider them moderately appropriate. All we need now is a light jacket and garments with thinner materials-doable, right?

One positive point though, we are finally on track with the stores and their fashion forecasting. We can now feel OK with buying summer items as soon as they have been placed on the racks.

Usually, after buying a silk tank at the tail end of winter/beginning of spring-when, on average temperatures reach a high of 35 degrees-there are feelings of both anticipation, as you can’t wait for the weather to break so that you can wear it, and feelings of uneasiness as what you just bought may be on sale in a couple of months-but they may not have your size then!

The only advice that can be offered would be to always take a lightweight coat or jacket. Keep the early spring aesthetic in mind but also, remember that we live in a state and a moment during the year when the temperatures can be almost polar opposites ranging from day to night.

So, you can keep wearing skirts and shorter sleeves, or no sleeves at all, however if you’re at work late or going out on a Friday night, a jacket or light sweater should be figured in to your look at some point.

I’m sure it wasn’t an easy task to adopt the concept of minimal clothing when you were just layering a few days before. It’s best to embrace the this steep climate shift, not as to accept global warming, but to be grateful for that moment in the year when we don’t have to warm-up our cars and leave an hour earlier due to inclement weather conditions.

The time will come when we don’t need jackets and the water at the beaches will be warm enough for a dip. Until then, we need to remember that it’s just April

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