April 2020


Cannabis kids rejoice as legal recreational marijuana sales continue in Michigan, but questions still loom like: What happens to the Black bodies still locked up on weed charges – and to the ones whose prior conviction may bar them access to this new industry? Plus, local financial experts give us tips to take control of our financial futures and maybe help narrow the racial wealth gap. We show you how to make your home eco-friendly in a few simple moves, take you to a church turned café, introduce you to a 12-year-old author and much more!


BLAC Goes Digital

Click through our digital April issue and help a local charity that’s working to hold up the community.

Recreational Weed Sales Start in Michigan, Questions Linger

As cannabis kids rejoice, uncertainties about social equity, justice and industry still loom.
wealth gap

5 Things Black Folk Can Do to Help Narrow the Wealth Gap

The racial wealth gap is steadily widening, but we can do things to help build wealth and get control of our financial futures.

Turn Your Home into a Green House

Celebrate Earth Day and make your home eco-friendly – while saving money.
choice words

‘Choice Words: Writers on Abortion’ Presents the Truth of Women’s Experiences

A new book by Annie Finch delivers abortion stories from some of our most loved writers.
Say a Little Prayer

12-Year-Old Alicen Marie Felder Authors Book on Perseverance and Faith

‘Say a Little Prayer’ tells Alicen’s story of her battle to communicate.
sexually transmitted diseases

Ask the Expert: What are the Symptoms of Sexually Transmitted Diseases?

Symptoms vary but may include painful urination, lower abdominal pain or pain during sex.
Flowers for Dreams

Flowers for Dreams Opens in Parker’s Alley

The Chicago-born flower shop hand delivers and will donate a quarter of its profits to local charities.

MusicTown Detroit Introduces Musical Web Series

‘District Sessions’ showcases local musical talent.
Detroit Area Agency on Aging

Staying Active for a Lifetime

Through five neighborhood hubs – with over 40 different programs – the Detroit Area Agency on Aging is redefining adult health and wellness in Detroit.

SEEN: Campus Martius Ice Rink Spring Fever Weekend

To close the Frankenmuth Rink at Campus Martius for the season and usher in spring, guests showed up March 6-8 ready to ice skate and party, silent disco-style.

SisterFriends Detroit is Linking Expectant Moms with Dedicated Mentors

This Detroit Health Department program assigns mentors to moms to be in an effort to decrease the infant and maternal mortality rates, and foster healthy families.
The Medicine Mug

The Medicine Mug Gives a Nod and to Our Health Care Workers

Med student Zoë Indigo Smith designed this cute mug as a way to motivate health care workers.

The Detroit Health Department Continues to Monitor COVID-19

Detroit Health Department Chief Public Health Officer Denise Fair shares the department’s efforts against COVID-19 and helps us stay healthy.
The Color of Autism

Camille Proctor, Founder and Executive Director, The Color of Autism

This mother’s son was diagnosed with autism spectrum disorder, which led her to form a support system for African American parents and families also affected by autism.